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People Who Became
Christian Based on
the Evidence

"You claim 'many people became Christians after examining the hard, objective evidence for Christianity.'  Can you give me any names?  How do I know you're not just making them up?"

Following is a list of people who by their own admission, didn't believe Christianity until after they examined the objective evidence that Christianity is true.  I don't know any of these people personally -- I'm going by what they have said in their books and/or things I've heard them say on television.  Each of them has written at least one book on Christianity and most have written several.

Saul of Tarsus
Author, Theologian,
Preacher, Evangelist
about half of the New Testament!
James bar Joseph
Author, Evangelist,
Brother of Jesus
New Testament book of James
cf. John 7:5,  Matthew 13:55
Jude bar Joseph
Author, Evangelist,
Brother of Jesus
New Testament book of Jude
cf. John 7:5,  Matthew 13:55
John Weldon
Author, Researcher
co-authors books with John Ankerberg
Maurice Rawlings
Beyond Death's Door
To Hell and Back
William Ramsay
19th Century
Ramsey didn't believe the Bible was true, so
he spent 15 years in Palestine excavating. He
is responsible for many of the most important
archaeological proofs of the historicity of the
New Testament.
Gary Habermas
Verdict on the Shroud
Immortality: The Other Side of Death
The Historical Jesus
Josh McDowell
Evidence that Demands a Verdict
More Evidence that Demands a Verdict
John Warwick

Attorney, Theologian
Author of numerous books and professor at a
school of theology -- see McDowell's Evidence
C. S. Lewis
Professor, Author
The Screwtape Letters
Mere Christianity
Frank Morrison
Who Moved the Stone?
Danny Korem
professional magician
The Fakers


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