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Use of Colors
on this Website

Green bold text in quote marks asks common questions or expresses  
common opinions of many non-Christians, even skeptical opinions.

All the green bold questions are repeated on QUESTION LIST
pages in maroon bold text, with jumps to the various answers.
Maroon bold text is a topic header, usually responding to the last
red bold question or "opinion."
Navy blue ordinary text is used for bible quotes.  Most quotes are from
the New International Version (NIV) from
Zondervan Publishing.
Black ordinary text is the body of the topic.
Maroon bold italics are sometimes used in the regular text for emphasis.
   Navy (underlined) is also used for unviewed links.
   Maroon (underlined) is also used for viewed links.
Purple is used for quotes from the scriptures of other religions, e.g., from
the Koran and the Official Catechism of the Catholic Church
Page backgrounds are light pastels for contrast and ease of viewing.


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