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wages What you get paid for the work you do.
wail Cry.
wander Roam around without getting anywhere.
wantonness Showing utter lack of moderation or justification, uncontrolled.
ward Under the care of a guardian, like in a jail house.
ware Wore, or aware.
warp The lengthwise threads in a fabric, crossed by the woof threads.
wast Were.
watch A period of time required for a watchman to keep a lookout for the enemy.
watch, 1st Roman watch 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm, Jewish watch sunset to 10:00 pm.
watch, 2nd Roman watch 9:00 pm to midnight, Jewish watch 10:00 pm to 2:00 am.
watch, 3rd Roman watch Midnight to 3:00 am, Jewish watch 2:00 am to sunrise.
watch, 4th Roman watch 3:00 am to 6:00 am.
watchman One who is charged with watching for the enemy.
watchtower A tower that was used to keep a lookout for the enemy.
wave offering Heave offering, an offering that was heaved at the sacrificial table and pulled back.
wax Become.
waxed Grew, increased in size.
waxen Increased in size or age, grown, became.
way A term that was often used to identify the followers of Christ. Jesus said "I am the way" indicating that he is the way to God.
wayfaring A traveling person.
wean Slowly replace a baby's milk with solid food.
weep Cry.
wen A cyst filled with sebaceous matter, generally located on the scalp.
wept Cried.
wert Were.
whatsoever Whatever.
whelp A cub of a lion, jackal or bear.
whence Where, or from where.
whereby How.
Wherefore Therefore, or why.
Wherein In which.
whereof Where of.
Wheresoever Wherever.
whereunto To what.
wherewith How, with what means.
whether If, or which.
whilst While.
whisperers Gossipers.
whit The smallest amount.
whited Whitewashed, as in sins covered over.
whither Where.
whithersoever Wherever, to whatever place.
whomsoever Whomever.
whore A prostitute.
whoremonger Fornicator.
whoring Mixing the worship of God with pagan, heathen practices.
Whosoever Whoever.
wicked Evil, immoral, malicious.
wickedness Full of evil.
widow A woman whose husband has died.
wiles Tricks to deceive or snare.
wilily Wily, cunning, sneaky.
wilt Would.
winebibber Drunkard.
winefat A winepress.
winnow Separate the chaff from the grain by throwing it in the air and letting the wind blow away the chaff.
wisdom Intelligence and knowledge.
wise Way, or very intelligent.
wist Know, find out.
wit Know, find out.
witch A woman that practices sorcery with the aid of an evil spirit.
witchcraft Using the power of Satan to do magic.
withal Moreover, besides, nevertheless.
withered Dried up and died for lack of moisture, or to have lost vigor, or to have become lean and wrinkled.
without Outside, or does not have.
withs Tough flexible thin branches used as bands for tying up bundles.
withstand Oppose, come against.
withstood Opposed.
witness One who testifies of that which he personally saw, heard or did.
wizard A sorcerer, or a magician.
woe Troubles, afflictions, calamities.
womb The place in a woman where a baby is formed and develops.
wonder Ponder, or to be amazed.
wonders Things or actions that cause one to ponder or to be amazed.
wont Accustomed, or as a habit.
woof The thread crossing and woven into the warp threads.
workmanship Creation.
works Actions, good or bad.
worldly Not spiritual, concerned with the present material things.
wormwood An aromatic plant that grows in deserts, an emblem of calamity.
worship Honor paid to God, reverence.
wot Know or understand.
wotteth Knows.
wrath Intense anger or indignation.
wreathen Made like a wreath.
wrest Take something away by force.
wretched Miserably sad, of poor quality, contemptible.
wroth Angry.
wrotteth Wrought, made.
wrought Worked, made.