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vagabond Wanderer, a person who does not settle into one home.
vail Veil, dress.
vain Worthless, useless, or thinking too highly of one's appearance, accomplishments, or failure.
vainglory Extreme conceit.
vale Valley.
valour Valor, bravery.
valuation The amount of money to be given to the priest when a vow was made.
vanish Disappear.
vanity Nothingness, emptiness, wastefulness.
vapor A brief puff of smoke or mist.
vapour A liquid dispersed and suspended in the air in the form of very small drops.
variance Sharp disagreement or difference of opinion.
Vashti "Beautiful", first wife of Ahasuerus, deposed for her refusal to come to him.
vau The 6th letter of the Hebrew alphabet.
vaunt Boast, brag.
vehemently Violently.
veil The curtain around the Holy of Holies that was torn from top to bottom.
vengeance Harm or damage done to someone in retaliation for harm or damage.
venomous Poisonous.
verily Truly, in truth.
verity Truth.
vessel Container, or boat, or instrument.
vesture A collection of garments, or everything that grows on a piece of land except trees.
vex Annoy, persecute.
vexation Annoyance, persecution.
vexed Afflicted, persecuted.
vial Bottle.
victual Food.
vigilance Watchfulness, being on the alert.
vigilant Tirelessly on the alert.
vile Morally hateful.
vindictive Having the motive of revenge.
vineyard Garden of grape vines.
vintage The picking and pressing of grapes for wine.
viper Snake.
virgin One who has not had sex.
virtue Moral goodness, power or ability.
visage The face, countenance or appearance of a person.
vision While awake, in the mind, a supernatural awareness of some happening.
visitation Inspection.
void Containing nothing, an empty space, or to cancel something out.
vow A promise made to God, or a solemn promise.
vulture A large bird of prey that feeds on dead animals.