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unawares By surprise, or unintentional.
unbelief A lack of faith.
unblemished Perfect, with out spot, without sin.
uncircumcision Not circumcised, refers to the non Jews.
unclean 1. Certain animals were considered unfit for human consumption, cloven animals. 2. Ceremonial not fit for worship, possibly because having come in contact with a corpse. 3. What leprous people had to call out to warn approaching people.
uncorruptible Not subject to physical or moral decay.
unction Anointing.
unfeigned Not fraudulant.
ungodliness Wickedness.
ungodly Wicked.
unicorn A now extinct wild ox, known for its ferocity.
unity Oneness, common belief, cooperation in all things.
unjust Unfair, not righteous.
unlade Unload.
unleavened Made without leaven which causes bread to rise and be soft.
unrighteousness Not living a good and moral life.
unseemly Not conforming to accepted standards of behavior or appearance.
untoward Difficult to manage.
upbraid Scold or reproach.
UPHARSIN Aramaic for divided.
uproar Riot.
Ur "Light, region", ancient city on the Euphrates, called "Ur of the Chaldees", home of Abraham.
Uriah "God is my light", husband of Bethsheba, one of David's fighting men that David had murdered.
Urijah 1. Priest. 2. Prophet.
Urim and Thummim Instruments used by the high priest to discern the will of God.
us-ward Towards us.
usurer One who lends money for the interest, like a banker.
usurp Seize and hold something that belongs to another.
usury Interest paid for the use of money.
utmost Situated at the most remote point.
utter Speak, or complete.
utterance Spoken word.
utterly Completely, fully.
uttermost Furtherest.
Uz The country in which Job lived.
Uzzah Tripped and fell and died upon touching the Ark of the Covenant.
Uzziah "Strength of God", Azariah, 10th King of Judah for 52 years.