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Taanach A Canaanite city.
Taberah The place in the wilderness where when the people complained, God's fire came down and consumed some of them.
tabernacle "Tent", the portable sanctuary containing the Ark of the Covenant carried by Israel while in the deserts.
Tabitha "Gazelle" in Aramaic.
Tabor A mountain where Barak and Deborah defeated Sisera.
tabrets A musical instrument, small drum.
taches Some of the knobs upon which were hung the curtains of the tabernacle.
tackling The ship's rigging.
talent A unit of weight, about 125 pounds.
Tamar Wife of Er, Onan, and then Judah, mother of twins, Pharez and Zarah.
tanner Someone who treats animal skins so as to make them into a useful leather.
tare Tore.
tares Weeds.
target A kind of small shield for the throat.
tarried Waited.
tarry Spend time, delay, wait.
Tarshish Means smelting plant or refinery, term originally used to identify ships used for carrying raw materials, but later for all great ships.
Tarsus "Wing", a city of Cilicia, Paul's hometown.
taskmaster Pharaoh's men assigned to forcing the Israelites to hard labor.
tau The 22nd letter of the Hebrew alphabet.
TEKEL Weighed.
Tekoah A town about 6 miles south of Bethlehem.
temperance To be moderate, to abstained from all alcoholic drinks.
temperate Moderate, avoiding extremes.
tempered Brought to a desired state of hardness.
tempest A very violent wind often accompanied by hail, heavy rain or snow.
tempestuous Marked by raging storms or gales.
temple The place where God dwells, or where God is worshipped.
temporal Concerned with life on earth rather than life after death.
tempt To test, or to try to persuade someone to do something wrong.
temptation Something which might make us want to do something wrong.
tempter Satan, the one who tempts us.
tenons Dowel pins at the end of planks of the tabernacle.
tenor The general direction or meaning.
tenth hour 4:00 pm.
Terah The father of Abraham, lived 205 years.
teraphim Figurines or images in human form.
terrestrial Earthly.
terrified Filled with great fear.
terror A person or thing that causes great fear.
Tertius The scribe to whom Paul dictated the book of Romans.
testify Give a statement under oath.
testimony An oral or written statement made under oath by a witness in a legal proceeding.
Teth The 9th letter of the Hebrew alphabet.
Tetrarch A governor of a one fourth part of a providence of the Roman Empire.
Thaddaeus "Son of heart", Judas, Labbaeus, an apostle of Christ.
Thamar Wife of Er, Onan, and then Judah, mother of twins, Pharez and Zarah.
Thara Terah, father of Abraham, lived 205 years.
theatre Theater.
Thebes The capital city of Egypt, divided in two by the Nile river.
thee You.
thee-ward Towards you.
thence From that place, or for that reason.
thenceforth From then on.
Theophilus "Friend of God", the name of the person to whom Luke addressed his books possibly means "the Christian reader".
therein In that thing or place.
Thessalonians The letters Paul wrote to the church at Thessalonica.
Thessalonica Therma, capital city of Macedonia under the Romans, visited by Paul.
Theudas An imposter that was killed and his followers dispersed.
thicket A thick growth of bushes and small trees.
thine Your.
third hour 9:00 am.
third watch Roman watch Midnight to 3:00 am, Jewish watch 2:00 am to sunrise.
thistle Tall prickly plants.
thither There.
thitherward That way.
Thomas Didymus, "twin", doubting Thomas, one of the 12 apostles.
thou You.
three taverns A town 33 miles from Rome.
threescore 60.
threshing Separating the grain from the shell, usually by crushing it.
thrice Three times.
throng Crowd, to gather tightly together.
thrust Throw.
thy Your.
Thyatira A city of Asia Minor, 4th of the 7 churches in Revelation.
Tiberias A capital city on the sea of Galilee.
Tiberius Caesar The Roman emperor during the last half of Jesus life.
Tibni Competed for King of Israel against Omri.
tidings News.
timbrels An ancient tambourine, musical instrument.
Timotheus Timothy.
Timothy "Honoring God", a friend converted to Christianity by Paul, accompanied Paul on many occasions, and Paul's letters to him.
Tirshatha Governor.
tithe "Tenth", the part of our income that is supposed to be returned to God.
tittle A small mark over a letter or word.
Titus "Pleasant", a Gentile traveling companion of Paul, and Paul's letter to him.
to and fro Back and forth.
Tobiah One of the leading opponents of Nehemiah to the rebuilding of the temple at Jerusalem.
toil Work.
token An object that serves as a symbol of something.
Tola One of the judges of Israel.
tolerable Acceptable.
tomb Place where a dead body is buried.
tongs Pincers for holding coals.
tongue Language.
tongues Gift of speaking in new languages.
topaz Chrysolite, a yellow green gemstone, peridot, similar to emeralds.
Torah Law, the first five books of the old testament.
torment Inflict great pain on mind or body.
tow String.
traditions The laws orally handed down by Moses, and later written as part of the Old Testament.
traitor One who betrays a trust.
trance A state of being insensitive to the surroundings, but with partial retention of function.
tranquillity Peacefulness, quietness.
transfiguration The changing of Christ's appearance to his disciples as he was praying.
transform Change.
transgress Break, or go beyond the limits, or sin.
transgression Sin, a violation of the law through ignorance.
transgressor One who breaks, or go beyond the limits, or sins.
translated Changed from one form to another.
translation A conversion of the Bible from one language to another, for example King James is a translation from Greek and Hebrew to English.
travail Difficult or painful work, or intense mental agony or torment, such as when a woman delivers a child.
treacherous The character or actions of a traitor, unreliable.
treachery Disloyalty or treason.
tread Walk on.
treason An attempt to overthrow the government to which a person owes his allegiance.
treasury Where the offerings were put.
treatise A thorough written study of a particular subject.
trespass Sin, a wrong against another person, his property or his rights.
trespass offering An offering to atone for a particular trespass or a special offense.
tribe All of the descendants of a person.
tribulation A time of unparalleled suffering.
tribute A tax, a payment in money to one who has authority over the giver.
trinity The three in one, God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit.
Troas A city on the coast of Mysia, where Paul received the vision to go to Macedonia.
trodden Beat down or wear away by walking on.
trode Trampled.
Trogyllium A point of high land jutting out into the sea off the W coast of Asia Minor between Ephesus and Miletus, within a mile of Samos.
trow Praise, flatter or apologize, etc excessively.
truth The quality of being true and accurate.
tumult An uproar made by a rioting crowd of people.
turtledoves A small variety of lightbrown dove, used as a sacrifice.
turtles Turtledoves.
tutor Teacher.
twain Two or between.
twinkling Blinking.
Tychicus "Fate", a companion of Paul.
tyranny The unjust and cruel exercise of power.
Tyre "Rock", an ancient seaport of Phoenicia, famous for its Tyrian purple dye and silk.
Tyrus "Rock", an ancient seaport of Phoenicia, famous for its Tyrian purple dye and silk.
Tzaddi The 18th letter of the Hebrew alphabet.