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Sabaoth Almighty.
sabbath "Rest", the day of rest ordained by God for man, the seventh day, Saturday.
sackcloth Coarse clothing worn to show remorse or mourning.
sacrament Certain Christian rites said to have been instituted by Christ, (Baptism, Lord's supper).
sacred Set apart, especially for the service of worship.
sacrifice 1. Make an offering of an animal, food or incense. 2. Deprive yourself of something for the sake of another person or ideal.
sacrilege The violation of a sacred object, or the misuse of a sacred object.
Sadducees A Jewish religious sect that believed in free will and deny belief in the resurrection of the dead.
saint One who is set apart, like a Christian.
Sala Salah, son of Arphaxad, lived 433 years.
Salah Son of Arphaxad, lived 433 years.
Salamis A town on the east coast of the central plain of Cyprus.
Salem The place where Melchizedek ruled, probably the ancient site of Jerusalem.
Salmon Great, great grandfather of David.
Salmone A very high jet of land on the E side of the island of Crete, now known as Cape Sidero.
Salome "Peaceable", the mother of James and John.
Salt Sea The Dead Sea.
salutations Greetings.
Salute Greet.
salvation Deliverance from danger, God's gift to save mankind from the penalty of sin.
Samaria "Watch mountain", capital city of the northern Kingdom of Israel.
Samaritan Inhabitant of Samaria, originally was a group of foreigners sent by the King of Assyria to inhabit the land of Israel, despised by the Jews.
samech The 15th letter of the Hebrew alphabet.
Samos One of the larger islands off the W coast of Asia Minor, SW of Ephesus.
Samson "Sun man", an Israelite judge, a Nazarite that possessed amazing strength.
Samuel "Name of God", as a boy he was dedicated to God, became one of the greatest prophets of Israel.
Sanballat One of the ones who opposed Nehemiah in the rebuilding of the temple and city walls of Jerusalem.
sanctification To be set apart for a spiritual purpose, to be made holy.
sanctified Set apart for a spiritual purpose.
sanctify Make holy, to reverence as holy, or to give authority to.
sanctuary Place of safety, the place dedicated for the worship of God.
Sanhedrin The Supreme council, or court of the Jewish nation, 71 members all over the age of 30.
Sapphira "Beautiful", wife of Ananias, also died for lying to God.
Sapphire A precious blue corundum stone used in jewelry.
Sarah "Princess", the wife of Abraham, mother of Isaac, lived 127 years.
Sarai Sarah, "Princess", the wife of Abraham.
Sardis Ancient capital city of Lydia, 5th of the 7 churches of Revelation.
sardius A red gemstone, probably either a sard, an orange-red variety of chalcedony, or a sardonyx, a variety of onyx with layers of orange-red and white.
Sarepta Zarephath, where the widow took care of Elijah.
Saruch Sereg, son of Reu, lived 230 years.
Satan "Adversary", the devil, Lucifer, Bilial, Beelzebub, the Prince of darkness, the serpent.
satanic Of satan or characteristic of satan.
satyr "Hairy one", or "he-goat".
Saul 1. "Asked for", 1st King of all Israel. 2. "Asked for", the name of the Apostle Paul before he was converted.
save Rescue, or to store, or except.
saved Rescued, delivered, redeemed from the penalty of sin.
saviour The one who saves us from our sins.
savor Taste or smell good.
savour Taste or smell good.
sawn Sawed, cut.
scab Festering sores.
scabbed An animal that has a crust formed on the skin or scalp.
scall A general term for eruptions.
scapegoat A goat (or person) who bears the blame that should fall on others.
scarce Hardly.
scarlet A brilliant red color.
scepter A staff carried by a dignitary that symbolizes his authority.
sceptre A staff carried by a dignitary that symbolizes his authority.
schin The 21st letter of the Hebrew alphabet.
schism The separation of the Church due to the disagreement on doctrine.
scoffer One who ridicules, mocks or makes fun of another person.
scorn Hold in extreme contempt another person.
scourge Punishment by whipping with rods or cords, or to examine.
scribes Writers, or secretaries that recorded the Scriptures.
scrip A traveler's bag slung over his shoulder with a strap.
scripture The written word.
scroll A long roll of paper used for writing.
scurvy A disease characterized by skin spots, swollen gums, bleeding in the mucous membranes caused by a lack of Vitamin C.
Sea of Galilee Sea of Tiberias, Sea of Gennesaret, a large freshwater lake on the Jordan River 680 feet below sea level.
sea of the plain Dead Sea.
second watch Roman watch 9:00 pm to midnight, Jewish watch 10:00 pm to 2:00 am.
sect A group sharing a common belief that has broken off from a larger group.
sedition The inciting of hostility against the government.
seduce To lead astray by persuasion.
seed Descendants.
seek Look diligently for something.
seer A wise man with powers of divination.
seethe Bubble violently as in boiling water, to be in a state of turmoil or rage.
Seir Chief of the Horites, mountainous territory of Edom.
selah A musical term meaning to pause.
Selahammahlekoth "Cliff of divisions", the name of the great gorge south-east of Hebron, now called the Wady Malaky, where David and Saul stood on opposing cliffs, with this deep chasm between.
Seleucia A seaport on the western coast of the Mediterranean Sea.
selvedge The edge of a piece of cloth.
Sem Shem, son of Noah, lived 600 years.
Semites The people descended from Shem, the son of Noah.
senate An assembly of the elders.
Sennacherib "Sin (the moon god) gives many brothers", King of Assyria.
sensual Concerned about the satisfaction of sexual desires.
sentence State the punishment for a crime.
sepulchre Tomb, place to bury someone.
Seraphim An angelic being of the highest order.
Serpent "Creeper", Satan.
Serug Son of Reu, lived 230 years.
servile Like a slave.
Seth The third son of Adam and Eve, lived 912 years.
settle Decide.
seven candlesticks Seven churches.
seven lamps Seven Spirits of God.
seven stars Angels of the seven churches.
seventh hour 1:00 pm.
sever Separate.
severally More than one.
Shadrach "Command of Aku (moon god)", one of Daniel's companions, a Hebrew captive.
Shallum "Recompense", 15th King of Israel.
shalt Shall.
shambles Slaughterhouse.
Shamgar A Judge of Israel, son of Anath, which slew 600 Philistines with an ox goad.
Shammah David's third oldest brother.
sheaf A bundle of straw or grain.
sheaves Bundles of straw or grain.
Sheba "Oath", a country known for its merchants, incense, spices, gold.
Shebah "Oath", where Isaac dug a well.
Shechem Where God appeared unto Abraham, and promised him the land, and where Joseph was buried.
shed Thrown off.
sheep Represented the good.
Sheepcote Sheepfold, pen used to keep sheep.
sheepfold A pen for sheep.
shekel The name of a coin whose weight equal the weight of 20 gerahs (beans or grains).
Shelah Third and youngest son of Judah, by the Canaanite woman Bathshuah.
Shem Son of Noah, lived 600 years.
Sheol Hebrew term for the abode of the dead.
shepherd One who provides food, protection and care for sheep.
Sheth Seth, son of Adam, father of Enos.
shew Show.
shewbread Consecrated unleavened bread symbolizing gratitude to God as the giver of all things.
Shiloh 1. City of Ephraim 10 miles NE of Bethel, site of the Ark of the Covenant. 2. "Peaceful one", sometimes refers to the Messiah.
Shimei A man that cursed David, but Solomon avenged.
Shimron A northern Canaanite city near Bethlehem taken by Joshua.
Shishak A king of Egypt that attacked Jerusalem.
shittim wood Used in the building of the tabernacle, ideal for making cabinets.
shivers Small pieces.
shocks Stacks of sheaves of grain.
shod Have your feet covered.
shoot forth Bring forth new growth.
shorn Shaved, or cut off, like in wool.
shun Avoid.
Shunam A town of Isaachar.
Shunammite An inhabitant of Shunam.
Shushan Susa, capital of Persia.
sickle A tool with a curved blade and a wooden handle used to cut grass, hay, corn.
Sidon A Phoenician city 25 miles north of Tyre.
siege To isolate a fortified place in order to make it surrender.
sift Separate.
sign Something that conveys an idea or meaning.
signet A personal seal used to show authenticity of documents.
signification Significance.
signified Predicted.
signify Specify.
Sihon King of the Amorites, defeated by Israel under Moses.
Silas "Belonging to a wood", Silvanus, accompanied Paul on his second missionary journey.
Siloam A fountain or pool near Jerusalem.
Simeon 1. "Hearing", 2nd of the 12 sons of Jacob, 2nd son of Leah. 2. A devout man who blessed Christ at the temple. 3. Niger, probably a dark skinned Jewish leader at Antioch.
similitude Resemblance, likeness.
Simon 1. Peter, an apostle of Jesus, brother of Andrew. 2. One of Christ brothers. 3. The Canaanite, an apostle of Jesus. 4. "Hearing", the leper in whose house Jesus was anointed with oil. 5. Simon of Cyrene, who carried the cross for Jesus. 6. The Pharisee in whose house the feet of Jesus were washed with tears. 7. Iscariot, the father of Judas Iscariot. 8. The scorner. 9. The tanner in whose house Peter lodged.
Simon a Cyrenian The man forced to carry the cross for Jesus.
Simon Peter Peter, an apostle of Jesus, brother of Andrew.
Simon the Canaanite Simon the Zealot, a disciple of Christ.
Simon the leper Owner of the house where Jesus head was anointed with oil.
Simon Zelotes Simon the Zealot, a disciple of Christ.
sin Anything that we do or don't do that God does not approve of.
sin offering An offering to atone for a sin through ignorance, or weakness or accident.
Sinai Mountain where Moses saw the burning bush, and later received the 10 commandments.
sincere Honest and genuine.
sincerity In all honesty and genuineness.
sinew Ligament, muscular, physical strength.
sinner Anyone who commits even one sin.
Sion Zion, a hill, ridge inside the city of Jerusalem.
Sisera A general of Jabin's army.
sith Since, if.
Sitnah Strife.
sixscore 120.
sixth hour 12:00 noon.
slain Killed.
slander A false or insulting statement.
slay Kill violently.
sleep Sometimes refers to being dead.
sleight Intentional rudeness.
slew Killed.
sling A weapon that is used to throw a stone.
slothfulness Lazy, spiritually indifferent.
slow bellies Lazy gluttons, only willing to work in order to fill their own bellies.
sluggard A lazy, slow, inactive person.
slumber Sleep.
smite Hit, deliver a powerful swift blow.
smitten Beaten, received a sudden, powerful blow.
smote Hit, inflicted a crushing defeat.
Smyrna A city in the Roman province of Asia on the Aegean shore, the 2nd of the 7 churches of Revelation.
snare Catch or trap.
snuffdishes Coal pans used for bringing the live coals from the altar.
sober Clear in thinking.
sobriety Soberness, clear in thinking.
sod Cooked or boiled.
sodden Cooked, boiled.
Sodom City destroyed by God for it wickedness.
Sodoma Sodom.
sodomite One who commits sodomy.
sodomy Unnatural sex.
sojourn Stay or dwell in a place for a short period of time.
sojourner Travelor.
Solomon "Peaceful", son of David, 3rd King of all Israel, given wisdom and wealth by God.
Solomon's porch This porch, stretched along the eastern side of Herod's temple, is where the scribes held their schools and debates and where the money changers had their stalls.
Son of God Jesus Christ, the only begotten, born Son of God.
Son of man A Messianic title that only Jesus used to refer to himself.
son of perdition Judas, the one who betrayed Jesus.
Song of Solomon An unusual book of the Bible that reads like a love story but has hidden meaning.
soothsayer Someone who makes his living predicting the future.
sop A piece of bread or cake that is to be dipped in some liquid before it is eaten.
sorcerer One who practiced magic by occult means to influence people.
sorcery The use of magic powers derived from evil spirits.
sore Very much.
sorrow Grieve or feel sadness.
sorrowful Full of grief and sadness.
Sosthenes The synagogue ruler at Corinth that was beaten for an unknown reason.
sought Looked for, tried.
soul The part of man that makes him different than the animals, the part that lives forever.
sound Wise, reliable, solid, or a noise.
sounded Examined by causing to make sounds.
soundness Firmness.
sovereign Supreme authority to make decisions, carry out actions.
sow Plant.
sower One who plants seed.
sown Planted.
spake Spoke.
span The width of a man's hand (about nine inches, 1/2 cubit) from tip of little finger to end of thumb.
spat Spit.
speckled Spotted.
spectacle On display, rediculous.
spikenard An east Indian fragrant plant that was used to make expensive perfume.
spin The process of drawing out and twisting cotton, silk, etc into thread.
spirit "Breath", the nonvisible part of man or God, the temperament.
Spirit of God The Holy Spirit, the invisible part of God that is on the earth.
Spirit of truth Holy Spirit.
spiritual In contact with a spirit such as the Holy Spirit.
spoil Winnings of battle.
spotless Sinless, without any fault, without any blemish.
spue Spit.
stablisheth Establishes.
stacte Myrrh in the form of drops.
staff A rod carried by a shepherd to aide in walking and defending the sheep.
stanch Prevent or stop the flow of blood from a wound.
standard A banner or flag representing a tribe.
stature Height.
statute A written law.
staves A group of rods (where each represented a tribe, or person) that were inserted into rings and used for carrying a large object.
stayed Stopped.
stead Place.
stedfast Firm, unchanging.
Stephen "Crown", One of the seven Deacons, was killed for his faith.
stern The rear end of a ship.
steward The one responsible for the protection or usage of something.
stiffnecked Stubborn.
stocks A wooden frame with holes for confining the ankles, and sometimes the wrists.
Stoicks Believed people should live in accordance with nature, be independent and self sufficient, but supress their own desires.
stone Kill by throwing stones at someone.
storehouse Church, the place to bring our offerings.
straightway Immediately, at once.
strait In severe difficulty, possibly narrow.
strait gate A very narrow gate.
straitened Closed in, restricted, forced into difficulty.
straitly Directly, with no room for doubt.
straitness Distress.
straits In severe difficulty, usually financial.
strake An unbroken line of planks or plates running along the side of a vessel from stem to stern.
strakes Peelings or slivers of wood.
strangled Animals killed by strangling, thus not bled properly.
strawed Spread.
stricken Afflicted.
strife Struggle.
strive Struggle, to make a great effort, to fight.
strove Fought.
stubble The stalk or stub of a plant.
stubborn One who refuses to change.
stumblingblock An obstacle to our understanding.
subdue Control, discipline or bring into subjection.
subject Under the rule of, or owing allegiance to.
subjection Under the rule of, or owing allegiance to.
submit Give in to another, to offer as an opinion.
suborned Incited, usually by bribery, to commit perjury or other unlawful acts.
substance The matter with which something is made.
subtilty Elusive, emphasizes small differences or distinctions.
subtle Sneaky, cleaver, elusive.
subvert Corrupt by undermining one's faith or morals.
succor Help, to aid.
Succoth A city in Canaan.
succourer One who gives aid.
suffer Allow, or to put up with, or made to bear discomfort or heart ache.
suffice Satisfy.
sumptuously With great splendor, luxury.
sunder Into two or more parts.
sundry Various.
sup Eat supper.
superfluity Something being more than is needed.
superfluous More than necessary.
superscription A word or symbol written above that which it describes.
superstition A belief in something not justified by reason or evidence.
superstitious Believe in something not justified by reason or evidence.
supplication The act of making a humble request.
surety Without doubt.
surfeiting Overindulgence in eating and drinking.
surname Family name.
sustenance Food.
swaddling clothes Strips of cloth often wrapped around a newborn or infant child.
swine Hogs.
sycamine Sycomore.
Sychem Shechem.
sycomore Sycamore, a European maple tree, having striking yellow flowers, used as a shade tree.
synagogue A local Jewish meeting place.
Syracuse The leading city of the island of Sicily.
Syria A province north of Galilee and between Damascus and the Mediterranean Sea.