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rabbi "My master", a Jewish Priest teacher of the law.
raca One who is loose in life and manners, carefree, unresponsible.
Rachab Rahab the harlot.
Rachel "Ewe", daughter of Laban, married Jacob, bore 2 sons, Joseph and Benjamin.
Ragau Reu, son of Peleg, lived 239 years.
rage A violent and uncontrolled anger.
Raguel Probably Jethro, the father in law of Moses.
Rahab "Large", prostitute of Jericho that protected the Israelite spies.
rail Utter curses and lamentations, to shout abuse.
railer One who utters curses and lamentations, or that shouts abuse.
raiment Good clothing.
Ram 1. A male sheep 2. Son of Hezron, grandson of Pharez, great grandson of Judah, great great grandson of Jacob. 3. Son of Shem, descendants were called Arameans. 4. Son of Hezron.
Rama Ramah, a city in the tribe of Benjamin, the home of Samuel.
Ramah A city of the tribe of Benjamin, the home of Samuel.
Ramathlehi "Height of a jawbone", where Samson slew 1000 Philistines.
Rameses A city and district in Egypt.
Ramoth Gilead A city of refuge in the tribe of Gad.
ransom The amount of money paid or demanded for the release of a captive person.
Rapha A leader of a group of people in Canaan.
raven A large black predatory bird.
ravening Searching for prey.
ravin Tear in pieces.
reap To gather the fruit or crop.
reaper One who harvests a crop.
Rebecca Rebekah, "a noose", sister of Laban, married Isaac, mother of Jacob and Esau.
Rebekah "A noose", married Isaac, mother of Jacob and Esau.
rebellious Stubbornly refuse to allow someone else to control.
rebuke Harshly tell someone that he is wrong.
reciprocation Return in the same manner something that was done or given.
reckon Calculate.
recompence Payment or compensation.
recompense Repay.
reconcile Bring back together.
reconciliation Bring together again in love or friendship.
Red Sea The body of water between Arabia and Africa.
redeem Pay in full.
redeemer The one who paid the price.
redemption Salvation from sin and its consequences.
redound Contribute to someone's credit or discredit.
refrain Hold back from doing something.
refuge Place of safety.
regard Esteem, or to consider.
regeneration Spiritually restored to new life.
rehearse Repeat out loud.
Rehoboam "Extension of the people", 1st King of Judah, son of Solomon.
Rehoboth 1. A part of the city of Ninevah. 2. "Wide place or streets", the third of a series of wells dug by Isaac. 3. By the river, a city of Shaul, one of the early Edomite kings.
reign Hold royal office.
religion A man's expression of his acknowledgement of god.
religious Faithful to religion.
remission Forgiveness.
remit To forgive a sin, to waive a debt, or to send money.
remnant The part that is left.
rend Twist your clothes as a sign of grief.
Render Give what is due.
renounce Disclaim, refuse to have anything to do with.
renown Fame.
rent Tear your clothes, or a tear in an article of clothing, or split into two or more parts.
repent Acknowledge one's wrong and turn away from it.
repentance The act of repenting, turning from sin.
Rephidim Where Israel complained to Moses that they had no water.
replenish Get a new supply of.
reproach Tell someone that he has acted wrongly and has hurt you.
reprobate Someone who pursues evil rather than good.
reproof Rebuke.
reprove Rebuke someone.
requite Repay someone for a benefit.
rereward Rearward, rear guard.
resh The 20th letter of the Hebrew alphabet.
residue Rest, remaining.
resort To go in great number.
respite A time of relief from work or suffering.
restitution The act of giving back or replacing to the original owner.
restoration Brought back to the original state or being.
restore Return.
restrain Hold back.
resurrection The act of rising from the dead.
retain Keep.
retribution Giving out the punishment that one deserves.
Reu Son of Peleg, lived 239 years.
Reuben The 1st, oldest of the 12 sons of Jacob, 1st son of Leah.
Reubenites Descendants of Reuben, the first son of Jacob.
Reuel Jethro, the priest of Midian, the father in law to Moses.
reveal Make the truth known.
Revelation "Veil drawn back", and John's book from the Isle of Patmos of God's manifestation of himself to man.
revenger The one who takes or executes vengeance.
reverence Show respect for something.
revile Use abusive language.
reviler Someone who is using abusive language.
Rezin King of Syria whose capital was Damascus.
Rezon An Armenian bandit leader who seized the city of Damascus from Solomon.
Rhegium A town on the SW coast of Italy.
Rhoda The young girl that answered Peter's knock when an angel had released him from prison.
Rhodes A large island off the SW coast of Asia Minor.
ribband Ribbon, used to attach the tassels to the Israelite garments.
righteous Living a good moral life.
righteousness Godliness, living a good moral life.
rigour Rigor, extreme harshness.
Rimmon Where the 600 Benjamite survivors escaped destruction at the hands of Israel.
ringstraked Multicolored.
ritual Any method of doing something in which the details are faithfully repeated.
Roboam Rehoboam, son of Solomon, 1st King of Judah.
rod A stout club about 3 feet long, used by shepherds to drive off wolves.
roe A female mountain goat.
roebuck The male roe deer.
Roman A member of the Roman empire.
Romans The book, written by Paul, to the church at Rome.
Rome The capital and largest city of the Roman empire.
root up Dig up.
rooted Planted, established.
rover Someone that continuously travels.
ruddy Red headed, red complexion.
rude Very impolite, even vulgar.
rudiments Basic principles, the beginning of something.
rue European shrub bearing yellow flowers, with strongly scented, bitter leaves that are used as a narcotic and stimulant.
Ruhamah "Pitied, having obtained mercy", a symbolic name for Israel.
rumour A nonvalidated report that is circulated.
rump The upper hindquarters of an animal.
Ruth "A friend", married Boaz, great grandmother of David, and the book that tells her story.