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Padanaram Where Bethuel and Laban lived.
paddle A pin, or nail.
pagan Heathen, especially one who worshipped the gods of ancient Greece and Rome.
Palestine "Land of sojourners", land of the Philistines, the Greek and Roman name for Canaan.
Palm Sunday The Sunday before Easter when Jesus triumphantly entered Jerusalem.
palmerworm A caterpillar that is very destructive to fruit trees.
palsy Paralysis, sometimes with shaking tremors.
Pamphylia A district 80 mile long and 20 miles wide on the southern coast of Asia Minor.
Paphos A city on the island of Cyprus.
paps Breast.
parable "Comparison", story that teaches a lesson by comparing two things.
Paradise A place where the souls of the righteous await judgment after death.
paramour A married man's mistress or a married woman's lover.
Paran A wilderness where Ishmael lived, and later where Israel journeyed upon leaving the wilderness of Sinai.
pare Trim.
partaker One who takes or receives something.
parted Divided.
Parthia A district of Iran, SE of the Caspian Sea.
Parthians Inhabitants of Parthia, a formidable cavalry and bowmen force.
partition That which divides or separates.
passion Suffering.
Passover feast The feast that the Jews celebrate to commemorate the passing over of the death angel during the Egyptian plagues.
pastor Leader of a congregation, shepherd.
Patara A seaport on the S coast of Lycia, where Paul changed ships.
Pathros One of the places where the remnant of the Jews was displaced by Babylon.
patience The ability to put up with pain, troubles, difficulties, hardship, etc without complaint or ill temper.
patient Able to put up with pain, troubles, difficulties, hardship, etc without complaint or ill temper.
Patmos The island where John received his Revelation.
patriarch The father or head of a family or tribe (like Abraham).
patrimony Property or money that one has inherited.
Paul "Little", the Roman name for Saul, an Apostle, a great missionary.
Pavement Probably a mosaic pavement, the spot where judgement was given.
pe The 17th letter of the Hebrew alphabet.
peace offering The giving of thanks, the paying of a vow or a voluntary or freewill offering.
peaceoffering The giving of thanks, the paying of a vow or a voluntary or freewill offering.
peculiar Belonging to a particular person.
pedigree The family tree, the ancestry.
Pekah "Open eyed", son of Remaliah and 18th King of Israel.
Pekahiah "Jehovah opens eyes", son of Menahem and 17th King of Israel.
Peleg Son of Eber, lived 239 years.
pence Penny, a day's wages.
Peniel "Facing God".
Peninnah One of Elkanah's wives.
penitence Being penitent.
penitent Feeling or showing sorrow for having sinned or done wrong.
penny The amount of money for one days' wages, by weight about 1/90 of a Greek pound, or about $.18.
pennyworth The value of one day's wages.
Pentateuch The first five books of the old testament.
Pentecost 1. "50th day", a Jewish holiday celebrating the summer harvest 50 days after passover. 2. The day that the gift of the Holy Ghost was given to the early church.
Penuel "Facing God", place where Jacob wrestled with God.
penury Poverty, lack.
Peor Baal Peor, a false god to which the Israelites worshipped and were severely punished.
peradventure Perhaps, possibly.
perceive Know, understand.
perdition Eternal death.
PERES Divided.
Perez Pharez, son of Judah, grandson of Jacob, twin brother to Zarah.
Perga The capital of Pamphylia, 5 miles inland, 12 miles east of Attalia.
Pergamos A town of Mysia, 3rd of the 7 churches of Revelation.
peril Risk of serious injury or destruction.
perish Die.
Perizzite One of the Canaanite nations.
Perizzites "Villagers", a hill dwelling people of Canaan.
pernicious Destructive, extremely injurious or deadly.
perpetual Everlasting, eternal.
perplex Confuse.
perplexity Confusion.
persecute Cause to suffer, especially for religious purposes.
persecution Suffering a hardship for religious purposes.
Persia Ancient Iran, an area in southern Iran, east of the Persian Gulf.
Persians Inhabitants of Persia, nomadic animal cartakers originally from Southern Russian.
persuad Convince.
pertain Belong to, refer to.
perverse Willfully doing what is wrong.
pervert Influence others to do wrong.
pestilence Deadly epidemic.
pestilent Harmful to society in a moral way, tiresomely annoying.
Peter "Rock", Andrew's brother, given the name Cephas (rock) by Jesus, an Apostle of Jesus, and his letters.
petition Request.
Phalec Peleg, son of Eber, lived 239 years.
Pharaoh "Great house"or "Sun King", title of the King of Egypt.
Pharaohhophra Fourth king of the 26th Egyptian Dynasty.
Pharaohnecho Second king of the 26th Egyptian Dynasty.
Phares Pharez, son of Judah, grandson of Jacob, twin brother to Zarah.
Pharez Son of Judah, grandson of Jacob, twin brother to Zarah.
Pharisee "The separate people", a Jewish religious group who strictly followed religious laws and customs.
Phebe A servant of the church at Cenchrea.
Phenice Phoenicia, or a harbor (Phoenix) on the S coast of the island of Crete.
Phenicia Phoenicia, country NW of Palestine on the Mediterranean coast, around Tyre and Sidon.
Phichol Chief captain of the army of Abimelech, the Philistine King of Gerar.
Philadelphia A city of Asia Minor, 6th of the 7 churches of Revelation.
Philemon A short letter written by Paul to a Christian at Colassae, and the owner of the slave Onesimus.
Philip 1. "Lover of horses", an Apostle of Jesus Christ. 2. An evangelistic deacon. 3. The tetrarch (ruler), the brother of Herod.
Philippi A city of Macedonia.
Philippians A letter to the church at Philippi.
Philistines One of Israel's arch enemies for many years.
Phinehas "Mouth of a serpent", 1. High priest, son of Eleazar. 2. Evil son of Eli the priest.
Phoenicia "Land of palm trees", country NW of Palestine on the Mediterranean coast, around Tyre and Sidon.
Phrygia An inland providence of Asia Minor.
phylacteries Strips of parchment (worn during prayers) with four passages of scripture attached to the forehead and left arm by leather straps.
piety A devotion and reverence for God.
Pilate "Spear armed", Pontius Pilate, Roman governor of Judea, who tried to wash his hands of Jesus.
pilgrimage A journey made for religious reasons.
pillars Vertical columns or posts used to support a structure.
pilled Pealed.
pine away Waste away, to gradually lose vitality.
pineth away Waste away, gradually lose vitality.
pinnacle The peak, the highest point.
piped Played music by bagpipes or some other piped instrument.
Pisgah "View", Mount Nebo, a mountain in Moab where Moses went to view the promised land and die.
Pisidia A district of Asia Minor, 120 miles long and 50 miles wide, N of Pamphylia.
Pison Pishon, one of the four rivers which came from the Garden of Eden, possibly a canal that linked the Tigris and Euphrates as an ancient river bed.
pitch Camp, to put up the tents, or a black tar like material.
plagues 1. River was turned to blood. 2. River brought forth frogs. 3. Dust was turned to lice. 4. Swarms of flies. 5. Cattle, horses, donkeys, camels, oxen, sheep died. 6. All the men and animals got boils. 7. Hail. 8. Locust. 9. Darkness over the land of Egypt. 10. Death of the firstborn son.
plagues An epidemic.
plagues of Egypt 10 plagues that God used to force Pharaoh to release the Israelites.
plaister To cover over, or overlay.
platt Twist together.
pledge Security, or something used as security.
plough Plow.
pluckt Plucked or pulled.
pollute To corrupt, to make ritually unclean.
polygamy Having more than one wife.
polytheism Belief in more than one god.
pomegranates A red fruit about the size and shape of an apple with many seeds.
pomp Ceremonial magnificence.
ponder Careful, thoughtful consideration.
Pontius Pilate "Armed with a spear", the Roman governor of Judea from AD26 to AD36.
Pontus A province on the coastal strip of Northern Asia Minor.
Porcius Festus A Roman governor of Judea, that replaced Felix in AD 59 or 60.
porter A gatekeeper, or one who is employed to help carry baggage or other loads, or to run errands.
possession Personal property.
posterity Descendants not yet born.
Potentate A powerful ruler.
Potiphar An officer of Pharaoh, captain of the guard that purchased Joseph as a slave.
pottage A thick vegetable soup.
potter One who fashions pots out of clay.
pound A unit of currency, 1/60 the weight of a talent, or about $17.00.
poverty The state of being very poor.
Praetorian Guard A member of the bodyguard of Roman emperors.
Praetorium The residence of the commander, or praetor, hence the army headquarters.
praise To speak with approval or admiration, or to glofify.
prating Senseless chatter, idle talking.
pray Talk with God, or ask.
prayer Communication with God.
preach Deliver a spiritual message.
precept A commandment or rule of conduct.
predestinate Determine beforehand.
predestination The concept that God chose or predestinated our lives and our destiny.
preeminence Being superior.
prejudice An unfavorable opinion of a race or religion.
premeditate To think about and plan beforehand.
preparation The day before the Sabbath, when preparation was made for the Sabbath.
presbytery Elders of the early church.
presumption Preconceived notion.
presumptuous Displaying excessive self-confidence and taking liberties.
presumptuously Action without regard to the proper approval, authority or information that is required.
pretence Show.
prevail Be victorious, dominate, to be very strong.
prey Victim.
prick Puncture with small holes.
pride Excessive self esteem.
priest "Elder", a Jewish minister.
priesthood The office held by a priest.
prince of this world Satan.
principality The kingdom of a prince or other leader.
Prisca Priscilla, a coworker of Paul.
Priscilla "Ancient", banished from Rome, co-laborer with Paul.
privily Privately.
privy Having private knowledge.
proclamation To call out, to cry aloud, especially relating to legal matters.
procrastination Delaying or putting off till later.
prodigal Given to reckless spending, wasteful.
profane Treat with irreverence.
Profess Claim.
progenitor An ancestor of a person, plant or animal, or the originator of an idea.
prognosticator Someone who foretell's the future from signs or symptoms.
prolong Extend.
prophecy A prediction of what is to come.
prophesied Predicted the future.
prophesy Tell the future.
prophet "Speak beforehand", one who is told the future by God.
propitiation Removal of guilt by atonement.
proselyte "Stranger", a convert, or a stranger that wishes to become a citizen and agrees to all terms.
prostitute A woman who trades sex for money.
prostrate Flat on the ground.
proud A high sense of self worth.
provender Food for domestic animals.
proverb A short wise saying.
Proverbs A collection of wise sayings, to give prudence to the simple, knowledge to the young and to make wise men wiser.
providence Divine care and guidance.
provocation Provoke someone to anger, in particular Israel's act of provoking God by serving other God's.
provoke Instigate, to cause another person to get angry or to do something.
prudence Foresight that leads to the avoidance of danger or error.
prudent A careful person with foresight that leads to the avoidance of danger or error.
Psalms "Songs", a collection of songs of praise.
psaltery An ancient stringed instrument.
Ptolemais A natural harbor on the Mediterranean Sea south of Phoenicia, formerly called Accho.
publican A collector of Roman taxes.
publish Spread the news.
Publius The chief man of the island of Malta.
puffed Swollen, inflated, in such as an ego.
pulse "seeds", edible seeds, vegetables that can be cooked.
Pur "Lot", singular of Purim.
purge Remove the undesirable elements or to clear oneself of a charge or suspicion.
purification Ceremonial cleansing.
purify Clense.
Purim Feast of Purim, established by Mordecai to commemorate the deliverence from Haman, a day of feasting and gladness.
purity Holiness, cleansing.
purloining Stealing.
purpose Intention.
purposed Intended.
purse A small container for coins, or a sum of money.
purtenance The insides, inwards of a sacrificial animal.
Puteoli A town on the N side of the Bay of Naples, 200 miles N of Rhegium, modern Pozzuoli, 75 miles from Rome.
pygarg A kind of antelope or gazelle, or perhaps a mountain goat.