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oath A solemn or sacred commitment to the truth.
Obadiah "Servant of Jehovah", a minor prophet, and the book that records his message of doom for Edom.
Obed A son of Boaz and Ruth, grandfather of king David.
obeisance Bow down and show respect.
oblation The sacrificial offering of the bread and wine to God.
obstinacy Stubbornly adhering to a position or opinion.
obstinate Stubbornly adhere to a position or opinion in spite of reason.
Occupy Function as a business.
odour Odor, smell.
offence Thing that causes people to sin.
offend Hurt the feelings of someone.
offering Something given in worship to God.
offering, burnt Offered every morning and evening, not to atone for sin, but as a sweet savour to God.
offering, drink An offering made wine, offered as a tithe of the first fruits.
offering, freewill An offering compelled by the desire to thank God for his bountiful care.
offering, Heifer The offering made to make clean the unclean who have come in contact with the dead.
offering, meat A meal offering made of flour mixed with oil, offered as a tithe of the first fruits.
offering, peace The giving of thanks, the paying of a vow or a voluntary or freewill offering.
offering, sin An offering to atone for a sin committed through ignorance, or weakness or accident.
offering, trespass An offering to atone for a particular trespass or a special offense.
offering, wave Heave offering, an offering that was heaved at the sacrificial table and pulled back.
office Position of responsibility.
offscouring The refuse, the waste.
offspring Your children.
oft Often.
oftentimes Many times.
ofttimes Often.
Og King of Bashan, defeated by the Israelites under Moses.
ointment A material used for healing or cleansing the skin, or for ritual anointing.
olive oil A yellow oil pressed from olives used in cooking, medicine, soap and used for anointing.
Olives Mount of Olives, a mile long ridge on the otherside of the Kidron Valley, east of Jerusalem.
Olivet Mount of Olives, a mile long ridge on the otherside of the Kidron Valley, east of Jerusalem.
omega The last letter of the Greek alphabet.
omer A unit of dry measurement, about 5 pints.
omission Left undone or left out.
omnipotence State of being all powerful.
omnipotent All powerful.
omnipresence State of being always present.
omniscience State of knowing all things.
Omri "Handful", 6th King of Israel.
Onan Second son of Judah and the Canaanite woman Bathshuah.
Onesimus "Profitable", a slave that Paul sent back to his master Philemon.
Onesiphorus A friend of Paul.
onycha An ingredient of the Holy incense, possibly made from a mullusk.
onyx A semiprecious variety of blue quartz with layers of different colors.
Ophir A region known for its gold.
Ophrah A town where an angel visited Gideon.
oppress Treat with unjust harshness.
oracle The medium through which God reveals his purpose.
oration A formal speech especially one given on a ceremonial occasion.
orator Speaker.
ordain Establish, or set apart for the ministry of Christ.
ordinance A decree or authoritative order, or a religious ceremony that is not a sacrament.
orion A constellation.
Orontes River An unnavigable river in central Lebanon, flowing north through Western Syria and into Turkey, to the Mediterranean.
Osee Hosea, this is in reference to Hosea 2:23 and Hosea 1:10.
Oshea Joshua, the son of Nun.
ospray A fish eagle.
ossifrage The largest of the vultures of the Holy Land.
Othniel "Lion of God", the first judge of Israel, brother of Caleb.
ouches The gold work that served to fasten the stones, clasps and brooches to the priest's Ephod.
ought 1. As a verb means "should" 2. As an adverb means "anything".
overlaid Having the surface covered.
overlay Cover the surface.
overmuch Too much, excessive.
overseers Shepherds.
overshadow To have a shadow come over something.
ox The adult male ox was used to pull wagons, plows etc.
oxen Plural of ox.
Ozias Uzziah, or Azariah, 10th King of Judah.