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Naaman A Syrian captain healed of leprosy by God through Elisha.
Naasson Nahshan, son of Amminadab.
Nabal A wealthy Carmelite, husband of Abigail, killed by God for refusing to help David.
Naboth He owned a vineyard that Ahab wanted, so Jezebel had him killed.
Nachor Nahor, grandfather of Abraham, lived 148 years.
Nadab 1. "Liberal", oldest son of Aaron, killed by holy fire from God. 2. Son of Jeroboam I and 2nd King of the Northern Kingdom.
Nahor Grandfather of Abraham, lived 148 years.
Nahshon Son of Amminadab.
Nahum "Comforter", A minor prophet, and a book that records his vision.
Nain A small village in the Plain of Jezreel, a few miles south of Nazareth.
nakedness Not wearing clothes.
Naomi "Pleasant", mother in law to Ruth, wife of Elimelech.
Naphtali The 6th of the 12 sons of Jacob, 2nd son of Bilhah.
nard An expensive perfume imported from India.
Nathan "He gave", the prophet that told king David, his son would build God's house.
Nathanael "Gift of God", Bartholomew, the apostle.
natural Existing in or produced by nature.
nay No.
Nazarene From Nazareth.
Nazarenes Members of the Christian sect.
Nazareth "Separated", a town of Galilee where Christ lived as a child.
Nazarite A consecrated person forbidden to cut their hair, drink wine or touch a corpse.
Nebo The mountain in Moab where Moses went to view the promised land and then to die.
Nebuchadnezzar King of Babylon, subdued and exiled Judah.
Necho PharaohNecho.
necromancer One who consulted with the dead.
neesings Snorting.
neglect Fail to care for, or to refuse.
Nehemiah "Jehovah comforts", the cupbearer of Artaxerxes King of Babylon, that got permission to go to Jerusalem and rebuild the temple and the walls.
neighbour A person that lives close to another, or a person situated near to another.
Nephilim A group of people who were famous for being large and strong.
Nephthalim Naphtali, a tribe of Israel.
Nero Emperor of Rome, AD 54-68.
nether The nearest part.
nevertheless In spite of that.
Nicodemus "Victor of the people", a Jewish ruler, a Pharisee that came to Jesus by night and was told by Jesus that ye must be born again.
Niger "Black", in Latin.
nigh Near.
Nile "Dark blue", the world's longest river that flows from the African equator north, through Egypt to the Mediterranean Sea.
Nimrod Son of Cush, a mighty hunter.
Nineve Nineveh, capital of Syria, where God sent Jonah.
Nineveh "Dwelling of Ninus", capital of Syria, where God sent Jonah.
ninth hour 3:00 pm.
No Thebes, once the capital city of Egypt.
Noah "Rest", obeyed God to build an ark lived 950 years.
Nob The city of priests totally destroyed by Saul for aiding David to escape.
nobleman A man of high rank, character or standing.
Noe Noah, lived 950 years.
noised Told or heard.
noisome Offensive to the smell, disgusting, harmful.
northward On the north side.
notable Glorious.
notwithstanding In spite of, nevertheless.
nought Nothing.
nourish Supply, or sustain with food.
novice Beginner.
number Count.
Numbers The fourth book in the old testament that numbered the people of Israel.
nun The 14th letter of the Hebrew alphabet.