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Macedonia A district of Greece visited by Paul because of a vision from God.
Machpelah A field containing a cave where Abraham buried Sarah. Abraham, Isaac, Rebekah, Leah and Jacob were also buried there.
mad Insane.
Madian Midian.
Madon A northern Canaanite city, taken by Joshua.
Magdala A small town of Galilee on the west shore of Lake Gennesaret.
magi The wise men who came to worship Jesus, the newborn king.
magistrate An inferior officer that deals with lesser offenses.
magnified Glorified, or made well known, or increased the size or appearance.
magnify Glorify, or make well known, or increase the size or appearance.
Mahalaleel Grandson of Enos, grandfather of Enoch, lived 895 years.
Mahanaim A place east of the Jordan where Jacob met the angels.
maiden A young girl, possibly a servant.
maidservant Female servant.
mail Coat of mail, a breastplate made of sheets of metal overlapped like fish scales.
maim Take away the full or partial use of a limb by injury.
maimed Crippled.
majesty One enthroned in power and glory.
Makkedah Where the 5 Amorite Kings hid in a cave from Joshua, and were later buried.
Malachi "Messenger of Jehovah", a prophet, writer of Malachi, during the closing period of the old testament.
malefactor Someone who commits a crime.
Maleleel Mahaleleel, son of Cainan, lived 895 years.
malice The will to do harm to another person.
maliciousness The sin of doing harm to someone else.
malignity Acting with extreme ill will towards someone else.
mammon Someone that has great wealth.
Mamre A plain in Hebron, where Abraham built an altar.
Manaen The foster brother of Herod Antipas.
Manasseh 1. "One who makes to forget", son of Joseph. 2. 14th King of Judah, son of Hezekiah.
Manasses Manasseh, 14th King of Judah.
mandrakes A plant native to the Mediterranean region, whose roots have narcotic qualities.
maneh A unit of weight measurement equal to from 60 to 100 shekels (about 2 pounds).
manger Trough used to feed animals.
manifest Known, or make known.
manifestation Making known, a revealing.
manifold Many, numerous and varied.
manna A food miraculously supplied to the Israelites during their wanderings in the desert.
Manoah The father of Samson.
mansion A very large and impressive house.
manslayer Murderer.
mantle A loose outer garment or a sleeveless cloak.
marah Bitter.
Maranatha Our Lord come.
Marcus John Mark.
Marduk A false god of the Babylonians.
Mark "Polite or shining", John Mark, who traveled with Paul and Barnabas, writer of the gospel Mark.
marred Ruined.
Martha "Lady", sister of Lazarus and Mary, friend of Jesus.
martyr One who gives his life rather than renounce his faith.
martyrdom To give one's life for a cause.
Marvel To be filled with amazement or astonishment.
Mary 1. "Rebellion", mother of Jesus. 2. Mother of James. 3. Mother of Mark.
Mary Magdalene The first person to whom Christ appeared after his resurrection.
Mary Magdelene The first person to whom Christ appeared after his resurrection.
Mary of Bethany Sister of Martha.
Masada A three teared fortification in Israel with shear 1000 foot cliffs.
Massah "To test", where the people complained to Moses for their lack of water.
Mathusala Methuselah, lived 969 years.
matrix The place in a woman's body where a baby forms and develops.
Mattaniah Zedekiah, 20th (last) King of Judah.
Matthew "Gift of God", Levi, an apostle of Christ, writer of the gospel Matthew.
Matthias An apostle chosen to replace Judas Iscariot.
maw The fourth chamber of the stomach.
meat offering A meal offering made of flour mixed with oil, offered as a tithe of the first fruits.
Medes Inhabitants of Media.
Media An ancient name for NW Iran, west of the Caspian Sea and south of the Zagros mountains.
mediator Someone who brings about an agreement, settlement or reconciliation.
meditate Spend time thinking about a religious subject.
Mediterranean Sea A large sea enclosed by Europe, Asia Minor, Lebanon, Syria, Israel and Africa.
medium A person who communicates with the dead.
meek Gentle.
meekness Humbly submissive.
meet Proper, fitting.
Megiddo The chariot city, an ancient fortified town in northern Israel.
Melchisedec Melchizedek, "King of righteousness", King of Salem, the one to whom Abraham tithed.
Melchizedek "King of righteousness", King of Salem, the one to whom Abraham tithed.
Melita Malta, an Island in the center of the Mediterranean, 60 miles south of Sicily.
Mem The 13th letter of the Hebrew alphabet.
memorial Something to cause one to remember an event from the past, or the part of the meat offering that was burned on the altar.
Memphis Ancient capital city of Egypt, 14 miles south of Cairo on the Nile.
Menahem "Consoler", 16th King of Israel.
MENE Numbered.
menservant Male servant.
Mephibosheth "One who blows upon shame", crippled son of Jonathan, cared for by David.
Merari Third son of Levi.
merciful Showing or feeling compassion towards someone rather than giving them what they deserve.
Mercurius The divine wayfarer and messenger of Jupiter.
mercy Compassion rather than severe behavior towards someone.
mercy seat The solid gold lid of the ark of the covenant with a cherub mounted on each end.
Meribah "To strive or find fault", the place where Moses struck the rock and water came out, rather than speak as God had commanded.
Merom A place between Lake Huleh and the Sea of Galilee, 10 miles west of the Jordan, where Hazor and his confederacy were defeated by Joshua.
Meshach Hebrew name was Mishael, one of the three friends of Daniel.
Mesopotamia A country between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.
Messiah "The anointed One", the prophesied leader and deliverer of the Jews.
messianic Refers to the Messiah.
mete Distribute.
meteyard Act of measurement.
Methuselah Son of Enoch, lived 969 years, longest of any human being.
Micah "Who is like Jehovah", a minor prophet, and the book that records his messages of doom and hope.
Michael The archangel.
Michal "Rivulet", Saul's daughter that married king David.
Michmash A city of Benjamin, E of Bethel and 7 miles N of Jerusalem on the pass from Bethel to Jericho.
midday Noon.
Midian Son of Abraham and Keturah.
Midianite Descendant of Midian.
Midianites Descendants of Midian, son of Abraham and his concubine Keturah.
midst Center, middle.
midwife Woman that assists in giving birth.
mighty men Warriors.
Milcah Wife of Abraham's brother Nahor, mother of Huz, Buz, Kemuel, Chesed, Hazo, Pildash, Jidlaph and Bethuel.
milch Milk.
Miletus The southernmost of the great Greek seaport cities on the W coast of Asia Minor, near Ephesus.
millennium 1000 years.
millstone Cylindrical stone used to crush grain to make flour.
minded Disposed, inclined.
mine My.
mingled Mixed.
minish Diminish, to decrease.
minister Servant, to meet the need.
ministration The action of ministering to someone's needs.
ministry The office and duties of a minister.
minstrels Musicians.
mint An aromic herb that was used as a flavoring, also as a tithe.
miracle "Wonderful", a supernatural event, usually a healing.
mire Mud.
Miriam "Bitterness", sister of Moses and Aaron.
mirth Joyous, laughter.
mischief Annoying but not seriously harmful behavior.
missionary A person on a religious mission.
mite A very small part.
mitre Crown or headdress worn by the priests.
Mitylene The principle city of the island of Lesbos.
mixt Mixed.
Mizpah "Watchtower", where Laban and Jacob made a covenant.
Mizpeh "Watchtower", where Jacob and Laban made a covenant.
Mnason Paul's host on his way to Jerusalem.
Moab "Of his father", Lots son.
Moabites Descendants of Moab.
mock Ridicule, imitate.
moderation Doing without excess.
Molech A god of the Ammonites to which they often sacrificed their own children.
Moloch Molech.
molt Shed feathers, fur or skin.
molten Melted by a high heat.
moneychangers People who exchanged foreign curency with local currency for a profit.
monogamy Marriage to only one wife.
month 1. Abib or Nisan, our March-April (Passover, Unleavened bread, Firstfruits).
month 2. Zif, our April-May (Later Passover).
month 3. Sivan, our May-June (Pentecost, Feast of Weeks, Harvest).
month 4. Tammuz, our June-July.
month 5. Ab, our July-August.
month 6. Elul, our August-September.
month 7. Ethanim or Tisri, our September-October (Trumpets, Day of Atonement, Tabernacles, Solomn Assembly).
month 8. Bul, our October-November.
month 9. Chisleu, our November-December (Dedication).
month 10. Tebeth, our December-January.
month 11. Sabat, our January-February.
month 12. Adar, our February-March.
Mordecai "Consecrated to Merodach", a captive Jew, relative of Esther that raised her.
Moreh A plain in Canaan where God appeared to Abraham and promised to give him this land.
moreover Furthermore, besides what has already been said.
Moriah The mountain in Jerusalem where the temple is built, where Abraham offered Isaac.
morrow Next day.
mortality Subject to death.
mortify Subdue passions by discipline.
mortise Hole, to receive an object.
Moses "Drawn forth", leader that led the children of Israel out of Egyptian bondage, lived 120 years.
mote A small speck, such as a small particle of dirt that gets in your eye.
mount Abarim "The parts beyond", a mountain range near Jericho including Mount Nebo.
mount BaalHazor A 3333 foot high mountain, 9 miles NNW of Bethel where Absalom killed Amnon.
mount Carmel Mountain where Elijah confronted the prophets of Baal.
mount Ebal A 3077 foot high mountain, north and higher than Gerizim, where the curses on the disobedient were pronounced.
mount Ephraim Refers to the elevated hill country of Ephraim.
mount Ephron A hill or hilly area between Nephtoah and Kiriath-jearim on the border of Judah.
mount Gerizim A mountain, south and lower than Ebal, where the blessings on the obedient were pronounced.
mount Gilboa Mountain where Saul and Jonathan were killed.
mount Gilead The hilly area occupied by the tribes of Reuben, Gad and half-Manasseh.
mount Halak "Bald", a mountain in Judaea which marked the southern limit of Joshua's conquests.
mount Hermon "Sanctuary", a 9100 foot high mountain, the highest in Palestine.
mount Hor Mountain on the border of Edom where Aaron went to die.
mount Jearim Mount Chesalon.
mount Lebanon "White", a mountain range in Syria, north of Galilee.
mount Moriah Mountain where Abraham took Isaac and God appeared to David at the threashing floor of Ornan the Jebusite.
mount Naphtali Refers to the hilly country of the tribe of Naphtali, W of the Sea of Galilee and the upper Jordan.
mount Nebo Mountain, also called mount Abarim, where Moses went to view the promised land and then to die.
mount of Ephraim Refers to the elevated hill country of Ephraim.
mount of Gilead The hilly area occupied by the tribes of Reuben, Gad and half-Manasseh.
mount of God Mount Horeb, also called Mount Sinai.
Mount of Olives A mile long ridge on the otherside of the Kidron Valley, east of Jerusalem.
mount of Olives A small range of 4 summits overlooking Jerusalem from the East.
mount of the LORD Mount Horeb, also called Mount Sinai.
mount Olivet Mount of Olives, a small range of 4 summits overlooking Jerusalem from the East.
mount Paran A mountain in the wilderness of Paran, in the east central region of the Sinai peninsula.
mount Seir A mountain in the general area of old Edom.
mount Sinai Mount Horeb, the mount of God.
mount Sion Mount Herman.
mount Tabor An 1843 foot high mountain rising from the Plain of Jezreel.
mount Zalmon The names of two mountains, one in the vicinity of Shechem, and another E of the Jordan in Bashan.
mount Zemaraim A mountain in Ephraim, near the town of Zemaraim.
mount Zion A ridge inside the city of Jerusalem.
mourn Express or feel grief, especially for one who has died.
multiply Increase, to have many descendants.
multitude A large crowd.
murmur A subdued grumble, complaint or objection.
murrain Any of several infectious diseases in cattle or plants.
muse Meditate or think about.
musick Music.
mutual Having in common.
muzzle Wires or straps put over the mouth to prevent someone from eating or speaking.
Myra A seaport on the S coast of Lycia of Asia Minor.
myrrh A gum resin with a sweet smell, used in the manufacture of perfume, medicines, incense.
myrtle A decorative tree.
mystery Something not yet explained or understood.