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Laban "White", brother of Rebekah, Jacob's father in law.
labourer Paid worker.
Lachish Fortified city of Judah 30 miles SW of Jerusalem, taken by Joshua.
laded Put or loaded goods on board a ship.
laden Loaded.
Lahairoi Beerlahairoi, the well where Hagar spoke to an Angel of God.
Laish The early name of Dan.
lame Unable to walk or run, crippled.
Lamech Father of Noah, son of Methuselah, lived 777 years.
lamed The 12th letter of the Hebrew alphabet.
lament Mourn or grieve.
Lamentations Mourning or grieving, a book lamenting the destruction of Jerusalem.
languish Become feeble, to lose vitality, or to become depressed.
Laodicea A town in Phrygia, 7th of the 7 churches of Revelation.
lapwing A migratory bird that spends the summer in the Holy Lands, often figured on Egyptian monuments.
lascivious Expressing sexual lust.
lasciviousness The sin of expressing sexual lust.
latchet A string or leather strap for fastening a shoe to the foot.
Latin The language of the Romans.
latter Later, or last.
laud Praise.
launch Set forth by ship.
laver "Wash", the pots or basins where the priest washed their hands and feet.
law Usually refers to the law in the first 5 books of the old testament.
lawful In agreement with the law.
lawyer Expert in the law.
layedst Laid.
Lazarus 1. "Help of God", friend of Christ that was raised from the dead. 2. A poor leper that died and went to Abraham's bosom.
Leah "Antelope", older daughter of Laban, that married Jacob, bore 6 sons, Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Issachar and Zebulan and a daughter named Dinah.
learned Taught.
leathern Leather.
leaven The substance added to dough that makes it rise while cooking.
Lebanon "White", the highest mountain range of Syria, forming the northern boundary of Palestine, exploited for it's splendid timber.
leddest Led.
leeks An edible vegetable similar to an onion.
lees The dredge at the bottom of wine jars.
legion A division of the Roman army of 3000-6000 foot soldiers, and additional cavalry.
leisure Idle time, freedom.
lent Loaned.
lentiles A plant whose seeds are eaten as a vegetable or made into a flour.
leper Someone who has leprosy.
leprosy A disease that affects the skin, can cause fingers, ears, etc to fall off.
leprous Like a person who has leprosy.
lest Unless, in order that something might not happen.
letters Mail, or the letters of the alphabet that enable you to read and write.
Levi 1. "Associated", 3rd of the 12 sons of Jacob, 3rd son of Leah. 2. Matthew, an apostle of Christ, son of Alphaeus.
leviathan A huge sea monster, whale or ship, or even a crocodile.
Levites Descendant of Levi, the priests of Israel.
Leviticus Third book of the old testament that contains the rituals and laws.
lewdness Indecent.
liberal Giving or generous, or broad minded, tolerant of other ideals, nontraditional.
liberality Giving.
Libertines Freed slaves.
liberty Freedom.
Libnah A fortified town betwee Aijalon and Lachish, taken by Joshua.
Libya The general term for the people west of Egypt.
lice Small wingless blood sucking insects that attack warm blooded animals or people on the body or in the hair or feathers.
licence Permission.
licentious Disregarding moral laws regarding sex.
lien Lay down with.
lign Wood.
ligure An unknown but probably yellow gemstone.
likewise In similar manner.
lineage A descendant.
lintel The beam across the top of a doorway.
listed Wished.
lo Behold, or surprise.
Loammi Not my people.
locust A migrating family of grasshoppers that eat everything in their path.
lodge Spend the night, or place to spend the night.
loins The part of the body between the hip bones and ribs.
Lois Godly grandmother of Timothy.
loosed Set free.
lord Master.
Loruhamah No mercy.
Lot "Covering", Abraham's nephew whose wife was turned into a pillar of salt for looking back.
lots Casting lots, sticks, stones or pieces of bone thrown like dice to decide something.
love An emotion of deep affection or devotion.
lowliness Humbleness, modesty.
lowly Humble.
lowring Lowering.
lucre Nastiness.
Luke "Luminous", physician, author of the gospel Luke and the book of Acts.
lukewarm Neither cold nor hot.
lunatick Mad, insane.
lurk Lie in wait.
lust A passionate desire.
Luz The previous name of Bethel.
Lycaonia A district E of Pisidia, N of the Taurus mountains, and part of the Roman province of Galatia.
Lycia A small district on the S coast of Asia Minor.
Lydda Now called Lud, town 11 miles southeast of Joppa.
Lydia A woman converted to Christianity by Paul at Thyatira.
lyre A musical instrument with strings, similar to a harp, but smaller.
Lysias The Roman centurian that arrested Paul in Jerusalem, stationed at the fortress of Antonia.
Lystra A Roman colony 20 miles from Iconium, 130 miles from Antioch, where Paul healed a crippled man and was subsequently stoned and left for dead.