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Kadeshbarnea A town or wilderness on the southern edge of Canaan, from which the spies were sent to spy out Canaan.
Kedron Kidrona, a brook on the east of Jerusalem.
Kenan Cainan, son of Enos, father of Mahalaleel, lived 910 years.
Kenites Metalsmiths.
Keturah The second wife of Abraham, mother of Zimran, Jokshan, Medan, Midian, Ishbak and Shuah.
Kibrothhattaavah "Graves of craving", the place where God slew some of the Israelites in the desert for their lusting.
Kidron Cedron, a brook on the east of Jerusalem.
kin Relatives.
kindle Start, cause a fire to begin to burn.
kindred Family, relatives.
kine Cows.
King Appointed by the people as the head of their land.
King of Israel 1. Jeroboam, "struggler for the people", first King of the Northern Kingdom.
King of Israel 2. Nadab, "liberal".
King of Israel 3. Baasha, "offensive".
King of Israel 4. Elah, "an oak".
King of Israel 5. Zimri, "famed in song".
King of Israel 6. Omri, "handful".
King of Israel 7. Ahab, "uncle".
King of Israel 8. Ahaziah, "Jehovah seizes".
King of Israel 9. Jehoram or Joram, "Jehovah exalted".
King of Israel A. Saul, "asked for", first King of all Israel.
King of Israel B. David, "beloved", second King of all Israel.
King of Israel C. Solomon, "peaceful", third King of all Israel.
King of Israel 10. Jehu, "Jehovah is He".
King of Israel 11. Jehoahaz, "Jehovah seized".
King of Israel 12. Jehoash, "Jehovah is strong".
King of Israel 13. Jeroboam, "struggler for the people".
King of Israel 14. Zachariah, "Jehovah remembers".
King of Israel 15. Shallum, "recompense".
King of Israel 16. Menahem, "consoler".
King of Israel 17. Pekahiah, "Jehovah opens eyes".
King of Israel 18. Pekah, "open eyed".
King of Israel 19. Hoshea, "deliverance".
King of Judah 1. Rehoboam, "extension of the people", first King of Judah, the Southern Kingdom.
King of Judah 2. Abijam or Abijah, "Jehovah is father".
King of Judah 3. Asa, "physician".
King of Judah 4. Jehoshaphat, "Jehovah judges".
King of Judah 5. Jehoram, "Jehovah exalted".
King of Judah 6. Ahaziah, "Jehovah seizes".
King of Judah 7. Athaliah, "God is strong".
King of Judah 8. Joash or Jehoash, "Jehovah is strong".
King of Judah 9. Amaziah, "Jehovah has strength".
King of Judah 10. Uzziah or Azariah, "strength of God".
King of Judah 11. Jotham, "Jehovah is upright".
King of Judah 12. Ahaz, "possessor".
King of Judah 13. Hezekiah, "strength of Jehovah".
King of Judah 14. Manasseh, "one who makes to forget".
King of Judah 15. Amon, "builder".
King of Judah 16. Josiah, "Jehovah heals".
King of Judah 17. Jehoahaz or Shallum, "Jehovah holds".
King of Judah 18. Jehoiakim, "Jehovah will raise".
King of Judah 19. Jehoiachin or Jeconiah, "Jehovah strengthens".
King of Judah 20. Zedekiah or Mattaniah, "Jehovah is righteous".
kingdom All of the territory that is ruled over by a king.
kingdom of God Wherever God rules.
Kings Two books that contain a record of the early years of Israel's history.
kinsfolk Relatives.
kinsmen Male relatives.
Kirjathjearim Baalah, a city of the Gibeonites.
Kirjathsepher The early name of Debir.
Kish Father of King Saul.
Kishon The river in northern Samaria where Deborah defeated Sisera's 900 chariots of iron.
kite A small hawk with a forked tail, and long wings.
kneadingtrough The vessel in which the dough was mixed and then left to rise.
knops The spheroidal decorations of the candlestick, the knob or bud of a flower.
Kohath Second son of Levi.
koph The 19th letter of the Hebrew alphabet.
Korah "Baldness", grandson of Kohath, challenged the authority of Moses and was killed by God.