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Jabbok A tributary brook of the Jordan river.
Jabeshgilead A town east of the Jordan river, the men rescued the bones of Saul and Jonathan from the Philistines.
Jacob "Supplanter", the second born son of Isaac that stole his brother's birthright and became the patriarch of the nation Israel. 12 Sons 1. Reuben, 1st son of Leah. 2. Simeon, 2nd son of Leah. 3. Levi, 3rd son of Leah. 4. Judah, 4th son of Leah. 5. Dan, 1st son of Bilhah. 6. Naphtali, 2nd son of Bilhah. 7. Gad, 1st son of Zilpah. 8. Asher, 2nd son of Zilpah. 9. Issachar, 5th son of Leah. 10. Zebulun, 6th son of Leah. 11. Joseph, 1st son of Rachel. 12. Benjamin, 2nd son of Rachel.
Jael "Wild goat", wife of Heber the Kenite, the woman that killed Sisera.
Jair A Gileadite that judged Israel 22 years.
Jairus Ruler of a synagogue, Christ raised his child to life.
James The names of two of Jesus disciples, and his brother, and the book written by the brother of Jesus. 1. "Supplanter", son of Zebedee, an apostle of Christ, brother of John. 2. Son of Alphaeus, an apostle of Christ. 3. The brother of Jesus, also known as an apostle.
Jannes and Jambres Magicians that confronted Moses.
Japheth Son of Noah.
Jared Father of Enoch, son of Mahalaleel, lived 962 years.
jasper An opaque variety of reddish, brown, green or yellow quartz.
javelin A slender or light spear that could be thrown a long distance, used for hunting and war.
Jazer An Amorite town taken by Joshua, given to Gad, noted for its pasture lands.
jealous Envious.
jealousy A state of fear, suspicion or envy over one's possessions.
Jebus An early name of Jerusalem.
Jebusites The mountain people that Benjamin could not drive out of the land.
Jechoniah Jeconiah, 19th King of Judah.
Jechonias Jeconiah, 19th King of Judah.
Jeconiah Jehoiachin, 19th King of Judah.
Jegarsahadutha "Witness heap".
Jehoahaz 1. "Jehovah seized", son of Jehu, 11th King of Israel. 2. "Jehovah holds", Shallum, son of Jehoram, 8th king of Judah.
Jehoash 1. "Jehovah is strong", Joash, 8th King of Judah. 2. Joash, 12th King of Israel, son of Jehoahaz.
Jehoiachin "Jehovah strengths", Coniah, or Jeconiah, 19th King of Judah, son of Jehoiakim.
Jehoiakim "Jehovah will raise", Eliakim, 18th King of Judah, son of Josiah.
Jehoida Chief priest who organized the palace coup that overthrew Queen Athaliah of Judah.
Jehoram 1. "Jehovah exalted", 5th King of Judah, son of Jehoshaphat. 2. Joram, 9th King of Israel, son of Ahab.
Jehoshaphat 1. "Judged of God", David's recorder. 2. "Jehovah judges", 4th King of Judah, son of Asa, one of the best kings of Judah.
Jehoshua Joshua, the son of Nun.
Jehovah "He that is", old testament name for God used by Christians.
Jehovah Jireh The Lord will provide.
Jehovah Nissi The Lord is my banner.
Jehovah Shalom The Lord is peace.
Jehovah Shammah The Lord is there.
Jehovah Tsidkneu The Lord is our righteousness.
Jehovahjireh The Lord will provide.
Jehovahshalom "The Lord is peace", the altar built by Gideon at Ophrah.
Jehu 1."Jehovah is he", 10th King of Israel, son of Nimshi. 2. Prophet, son of Hanani.
jeopardy Trouble or danger.
Jephthae Jephthah, "He opens", son of Gilead, a judge, deliverer of Israel.
Jephthah "He opens", son of Gilead, a judge, deliverer of Israel.
Jered Jared, father of Enoch, son of Mahalaleel, lived 962 years.
Jeremiah "Exalted of God", son of Hilkiah, a greater prophet to the tribe of Judah, and a book of his writings.
Jeremy The prophet Jeremiah.
Jericho Heavily fortified city west of the Jordan, 17 miles NE of Jerusalem, 800 feet below sea level.
Jeroboam I "Struggler for the people", son of Nebat, 1st King of the northern kingdom of Israel.
Jeroboam II "Struggler for the people", son of Jehoash, a mighty man of valor, was made 13th King of Israel.
Jerubbaal "Baal contends", the name given to Gideon, a judge of Israel, by his father.
Jerusalem "Place of peace", Zion, City of David, the holy city of the Jews and Moslems, capital of Israel, 2500 feet above sea level.
Jeshimon A desert.
Jeshurun "Righteous nation", an honorable surname given to the nation Israel.
Jesse "Firm", father of David.
Jesus "Saviour", the name given to our saviour by an angel that appeared to Joseph.
Jesus Christ The son of God, the Christ, the Messiah, the Saviour.
Jesus of Nazareth Jesus Christ, a Nazarene.
Jethro "Excellence", a priest of Midian, father in law to Moses, also known as Reuel.
Jew A descendant of Abraham whose religion is Judaism.
Jewess A female Jew.
Jewry Judaea, land of the Jews.
Jezebel "Chaste", wife of Ahab, a very wicked Queen.
Jezreel A city south of Judea, where Gideon defeated the Midianites and the Amelekites.
Joab "Jehovah is father", Commander of David's army.
Joash 1. Jehoash, 8th King of Judah, son of Ahaziah. 2. Jehoash, 12th King of Israel.
Joatham Jotham, 11th King of Judah.
Job 1. "Persecuted", a man who feared and reverenced God and was mightily tested by Satan, and the book that tells his story. 2. Old testament book that records the testing of Job.
Jochebed Wife of Amram, the mother of Aaron, Moses and Miriam.
Jod The 10th letter of the Hebrew alphabet.
Joel 1. "Jehovah is God", a minor prophet, and a book that records his message, "repent, the day of the Lord is near" 2. The name of Samuel's first son.
John 1. "God is gracious", one of the 12 apostles of Christ, writer of the gospel John and I,II,III John. 2. John Mark, young man that traveled with Paul on mission trips. 3. John the Baptist, the forerunner of Christ.
John the Baptist Son of Zachariah and Elizabeth, the forerunner of Christ.
Jonah "Dove", Jonas, a reluctant and selfish missionary, who was in the belly of a whale 3 days, and a book of his reluctant mission.
Jonathan "God given", son of Saul, loyal friend of David.
Joppa A seaport in Dan.
Joram 1. Jehoram, 5th King of Judah. 2. Jehoram, 9th King of Israel.
Jordan "Descender", a river that travels through Israel from the sea of Galilee to the dead sea.
Josaphat Jehoshaphat, 4th King of Judah.
Joseph 1. "Increase", 11th of the 12 sons of Jacob, 1st son of Rachel, sold as a slave by his brothers. 2. Husband of Mary the mother of Jesus. 3. Nominated but not elected to replace Judas Iscariot as one of the 12 apostles.
Joseph of Arimathaea Took the body of Christ and put it in his own tomb.
Joseph of Arimathia Took the body of Christ and put it in his own tomb.
Joses 1. The man who was given the name Barnabas by the apostles. 2. One of Jesus brothers.
Joshua "Jehovah is salvation", successor to Moses, lived 110 years.
Josiah "Jehovah heals", son of Amon, 16th King of Judah.
Josias Josiah, 16th King of Judah.
jot and tittle Dotting of the "i" and crossing of the "t".
Jotham 1. "Jehovah is upright", son of Gideon. 2. "Jehovah is upright", 11th King of Judah, son of Uzziah.
journey Travel.
jubile Every 50th year, all property outside of city walls was returned to the original family, and all Israelite slaves were freed.
Juda Judah, 4th of the 12 sons of Jacob, 4th son of Leah.
Judaea The southern kingdom of Judah.
Judah "Praise", 4th of the 12 sons of Jacob, 4th son of Leah, also the name of the Southern Kingdom.
Judaism The Jewish religion.
Judaizer Those who try to gain followers of Judaism.
Judas 1. Judah, one of Jacob's sons. 2. The brother of James, one of the 12 disciples of Christ. 3. One of the 12 disciples of Christ, the one that betrayed Christ. 4. Judas of Galilee, a revolutionary that was killed.
Judas Iscariot One of the 12 disciples of Christ, the one that betrayed Christ.
Judas of Galilee A revolutionary that was killed.
Jude Author of the book named Jude.
Judea Judah, the southern kingdom of Palestine.
judge Decide who or what is right or wrong.
Judges A book about the rulers of Israel before Israel had kings. 1. Othniel. 2. Ehud. 3. Shamgar. 4. Deborah. 5. Gideon. 6. Abimelech. 7. Tola. 8. Jair. 9. Jephthah. 10. Ibzan. 11. Elon. 12. Abdon. 13. Samson. 14. Eli. 15. Samuel.
judgment A legal decision.
Judith The daughter of Beeri, the Hittite, that married Esau.
Julius The kind centurion soldier responsible for escorting Paul to Rome.
Jupiter A Roman name for the Greek god Zeus.
just Obedient to the currently accepted ethical laws.
justification To be declared free from the penalty of sin.
justified Made right (JUSTIFIED "just as if I'd" never sinned).
justifier One who justifies.
justifieth Make right, to free from the penalty of sin.
justify Make right, to free from the penalty of sin.
Justus A fellow worker of Paul.