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I Am The name God gave to himself.
Ibzan A Judge of Bethlehem that judged Israel 7 years.
Ichabod "Where is the glory", the name give by the wife of Phinehas to her child, on hearing that the Philistines had captured the ark.
Iconium Modern Konya, a walled city in central plain of Galatia where Paul had to flee.
idol An image of a god that is the object of worship rather than God himself.
idolater Someone who worships idols.
idolatrous Practicing idolatry.
idolatry Worship of an idol.
Idumaea "Edom", an area in western Palestine south of Judea.
Idumea An area in southern Judah where the Edomites migrated.
ignorant Lack of education, uninformed.
Illyricum A Roman province N of Macedonia, present day Albania and Yugoslavia.
image A copy in the likeness of something.
Immanuel Emmanuel, "God with Us", a child prophesied by Isaiah as a deliverer of Judah.
imminence State of something about to happen.
immortal Not subject to death, live forever.
immortality Live forever.
immutability The quality of not being able to be changed.
immutable Unable to be changed.
impart Give a part of.
impenitent Unable to feel or show sorrow for your own sin.
impiety Without devotion or reverence for God.
implacable Immovable, not able to make concessions.
implead Bring charges against.
importunity Persistent demanding, especially in an annoying or unreasonable way.
impotent Having no power or strength, sterile.
impute Blame, to attribute.
inasmuch Since, because.
incarnation The union of God and man in the person of Christ.
incense A mixture of gums and spices that when burned give off an odor.
incontinency Lack of self control, sexual or physical.
incontinent Without self control.
incorruptible Not subject to physical or moral decay.
incorruption Unable to suffer moral or spiritual decay.
indignation Anger brought on by an injustice, unkindness or meanness.
indwelling Living within someone or something.
infallible Incapable of being wrong.
infidel Someone with a different faith or no faith.
infidelity Failure in loyalty, such as in a marriage.
infirmities Sicknesses, physical weaknesses, moral weaknesses.
infirmity Sickness, or disease.
inherit Receive something that belonged to someone else, usually at their death.
inheritance The part that one is to receive from someone else, usually at their death.
iniquity Sin, "not fair", a great injustice.
inordinate Not rightly directed.
inquisition Inquiry, or investigation.
inscription Writing.
Insomuch So much so.
instant Urgent, or a short period of time.
insurrection Organized opposition to authority.
integrity Honesty, moral soundness.
intercession A prayer or petition for another person.
interpret Explain the meaning.
interpretation Explanation.
interpreter One who explains the meaning.
intreat Entreat, to plead with, to plead for.
intreaty Pleading.
inward Toward the inside.
inwards Innards, or insides.
irreverence Lack of respect for God.
Isaac "Laughter", son of Abraham and Sarah, father of Jacob and Esau, lived 180 years.
Isaiah "Salvation of Jehovah", Prophet of Israel, had many prophecies concerning the coming Christ, and a book of his writings.
Ishbosheth "A man of shame", son of Saul, who Abner attempted to make king of Israel.
Ishi "My husband".
Ishmael "God shall hear", son of Abraham and Hagar, had 12 sons, lived 137 years.
Ishmaelite Descendant of Ishmael, associated with the Medianites.
Ishmeelites Descendants of Ishmael, Abraham's son.
isle Island.
Israel 1. "Who prevails with God", Jacob, father of the nation Israel. 2. The Jewish nation of 12 tribes of the descendants of Israel, also the name of the Northern Kingdom.
Israelite The Jewish people.
Issachar The 9th of the 12 sons of Jacob, 5th son of Leah.
issue A flowing, going forth, or passing out, or offspring.
Italy Pretty much the same area as present day country of Italy.
Ithamar Son of Aaron.