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Habakkuk "Embrace", a prophet of Judah, and a book of his dialog with God.
habergeon A sleeveless coat of armor, protecting the neck and chest, or the javelin.
habitation The place where you live.
Hadad An Edomite adversary of Solomon.
Hades Hell.
hadst Had.
haft The handle of a weapon or cutting tool.
Hagar Handmaid of Sarah, mother of Ishmael.
Haggai "Festive", a prophet, and his book that records his messages to the returning exiles.
Hail Call out a person, or a greeting.
Halak A mountain on the southern edge of Judea.
hale Force someone to go.
haling Forcing to go.
hallelujah "Praise the Lord".
hallow Declare holy or sacred.
halt Lame, or limping.
Ham Son of Noah.
Haman "Splendid", the villain of the book of Esther.
Hamath "Fortress, citadel", the capital of the kingdom on the banks of the Orontes River.
Hananiah Son of the prophet Azur, that falsely prophesied the return from Babylon.
handbreath The width of the four fingers closely held together, about 3 to 4 inches.
handmaid A servant girl, usually attending to one person.
Hannah "Grace, or prayer", mother of Samuel, wife of Elkanah.
Haran Father of Lot, brother of Abraham.
harlot Prostitute.
harp A stringed instrument, David played one to soothe Saul.
hart Stag, deer.
harvest Gathering in of ripe crops or fodder.
Hast Have.
haste Hurry.
hastened Hurried.
hate Intense dislike.
hath Has.
haven A refuge, a small natural bay or inlet providing shelter for ships.
Havilah A region made up of the Pison river basin of Eden, rich in gold, onyx and bdellium.
havock Destruction or disturbance on a wide and intense scale.
Hazael King of Syria.
Hazeroth One of the resting places of the Israelites on their journey from Egypt.
Hazor Largest and best fortified of all the Canaanite cities taken by Joshua.
he The 5th letter of the Hebrew alphabet.
headlong Head first.
heady Reckless.
hearken Listen, to pay attention, and give in.
heart Center of the emotions and feelings.
heathen A person who does not worship God.
heave offering Wave offering, it was heaved toward the altar and then pulled back and given to the priests as their portion.
heaven God's dwelling place, may also mean sky.
heaveoffering Wave offering, it was heaved toward the altar and then pulled back and given to the priests as their portion.
Heber Eber, son of Salah, lived 464 years.
Hebrew "Passed over", an Israelite, a Jew, and their language.
Hebrews A letter written by Paul to the Jews.
Hebron City conquered by Joshua and given to Caleb where Abraham and Sarah were buried.
heed Give careful attention and consideration.
heifer A young cow that has not born any young.
heifer offering The offering made to make clean the unclean who have come in contact with the dead.
heir One who is to receive an inheritance.
Hell Satan's dwelling place, an eternal fire and place of torment.
helmet Protective head gear.
helve The handle of a tool.
hence From here, or since.
henceforth From now on.
henceforward From now on.
Henoch "Dedicated", Enoch, son of Jared, the father of Methuselah, who walked with God, and was not for God took him, lived 365 years.
herb A plant valued for flavoring food.
herdman A man who tends herds.
herdsman A man who tends herds.
hereafter After this.
hereby By this.
herein In this.
heresy A religious belief in opposition to the orthodox (common, legal or Christian) belief.
heretick Heretic, someone who opposes the accepted belief.
heretofore Before.
heritage What has been or can be inherited.
Hermon A Palestinian mountain on the border between Syria and Lebanon.
Herod Agrippa I Killed James, arrested Peter, and was killed by an angel of the Lord.
Herod Agrippa II Listened to Paul who had been arrested, almost persuaded.
Herod Antipas Ruled over Galilee and Perea for 30 years, killed John the Baptist.
Herod The Great Builder of the temple, murdered the babies at the time of Jesus birth, bloodthirsty and cruel.
Herod the Tetrarch Antipas, responsible for the imprisonment and death of John the Baptist.
Herodians Counseled with the Pharisees to find accusation against Jesus.
Herodias "Feminine of Herod", she persuaded her husband Herod Antipas to kill John the Baptist.
Heshbon A city of the Moabites taken by Israel under Moses.
Heth Descendants are the Hittites, sold Abraham the land where he buried Sarah.
hewers Cutters.
hewn Cut with blows of an axe.
Hezekiah "Strength of Jehovah", a generally good 13th King of Judah that removed the Idol worship of his father Ahaz.
Hezron Son of Pharez.
Hiddekel The ancient name of the Tigris river.
Hierapolis A city in Asia about 6 miles north of Laodicea, famous for its hot springs.
high priest The priest who once a year, on the Day of Atonement, entered into the Holy of Holies.
highminded Having or exhibiting lofty principles.
Hilkiah A high priest that brought the book of the law to King Josiah.
hin A unit of dry measure of about six pints.
hind A doe, a female deer.
hinder Prevent, or at the back.
hindermost Furtherest back.
hindmost The furtherest back.
Hiram King of Tyre that supplied King David with help to build his palace.
hireling Someone who only works for the money, no interest in the work.
hither Here.
hitherto Before this.
Hittites Descendants of Heth.
Hivites One of the nations of Canaan that dwelt generally in the Lebanon hills and around Mount Hermon.
hoary head Gray or white hair from age.
Hobab "Beloved", son of Jethro, the father in law of Moses.
hoise Raise.
holden Held.
holiness The quality of being holy.
holpen Helped.
holy Spiritual purity, or living a life of spiritual purity.
Holy Father God the father, the creater of all things.
Holy Ghost The third part of the trinity of God.
Holy One Jesus Christ, the son of God.
Holy Spirit The third part of the trinity of God.
homer A liquid measurement of about 78 gallons.
Honour Honor, show great respect.
hope Confident trust that something will happen.
Hophni One of the two evil sons of Eli.
Hor Mountain where Aaron was buried.
Horeb Mount Sinai, mountain of God where Moses saw the burning bush, and later received the 10 commandments.
Hormah Where Israel destroyed the Canaanites in the wilderness.
horn Symbolized strength.
hornet A bee, used by God to drive out the Canaanites, the Hivites and the Hittites.
hosannah Hebrew for "save now", or "we pray".
Hosea "Help", a prophet to the northern Kingdom, and a book that records the events and prophecies of his time.
Hoshea "Deliverance", 19th (last) King of Israel.
hospitality The receiving of a guest.
hough Hamstring.
household Family, those who live in the same house.
householder Owner of a house.
howbeit However, nevertheless.
howsoever However.
Huldah "Weasel", a prophetess.
humble Meekness, not to think more highly of yourself than you should.
hungred Hungry.
Hur The man that stood with Aaron to hold up Moses hands when Israel was fighting the Amelekites.
husbandman Caretaker, farmer.
husbandmen Caretaker of plants, farmers.
husbandry Caretaker, farmer.
Hushai Wise man of David that frustrated Ahithophel's advice to Absalom.
hymn A song of praise and adoration to God.
hypocrisy A pretense of religious devotion.
hypocrite One who pretends to be something he is not.
hyssop A plant with a mint like aroma used as a medicine.