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Gabbatha "The hill of the house", a place where judgement is given.
Gabriel The archangel that told Mary that she was to have God's son.
Gad The 7th of the 12 sons of Jacob, 1st son of Zilpah.
Gadarene People who lived east of the Sea of Galilee.
Gadites Descendants of Gad, the 7th son of Jacob.
gainsay Contradict, to deny.
Gaius "I am glad", one of Paul's companions.
Galatia A providence of Asia Minor.
Galatians The letter that Paul wrote to the church at Galatia.
galbanum An ingredient of the Holy incense, a gum resin with a pungent balsam odor.
Galeed In Hebrew, "Witness heap".
Galilaean A resident of Galilee.
Galilean Resident of Galilee.
Galilee A region of northern Palestine including the Sea of Galilee.
gall Bile from the gallbladder, anything bitter, poison.
Gallio The proconsul of Achaia from AD 52-53.
Gamaliel "Gift of God", a Jewish doctor of the law, teacher of Paul.
Garden of Eden Place where God put Adam and Eve but later made them leave.
garlands Circles of flowers.
garment An article of clothing.
garner A granary or storehouse.
garnish Put away, store away.
Gath One of the Philistine cities where the Ark of the Covenant was taken and the hometown of Goliath.
Gaza A Philistine city, now a Palestinian border town on the border of Egypt.
gaze Look at for a long time.
Gedaliah A governor of Judah, appointed by Nebuchadnezzar.
Gedeon Gideon, "Tree feller", a judge of Israel that asked God for a sign (fleece).
Gehazi "Valley of vision", Elisha's servant that received Naaman's leprosy.
gender 1. As a noun, usually refers to male or female, but may refer to a breed. 2. As a verb, it means start.
generation A period of about 25 to 40 years, a group of immediate family members.
Genesis "The beginning", the first book of the Bible.
Gennesaret A fertile plain on the shore of the Sea of Galilee.
Gentiles Non Jewish persons.
gerah "Kernal, a bean or grain", a unit of weight, one twentieth of a shekel.
Gerar A Philistine city, where King Abimelech had a run in with Abraham and Isaac.
Gergesenes Gadarenes, the area adjacent to the sea of Galilee in the district of Gadara.
Gerizim A mountain in the Samaritan highlands in Ephraim.
Gershom "Stranger there", the son of Moses and Zipporah.
Gershon First son of Levi.
Gethsemane "Oil press", a garden near Jerusalem.
Gezer A city on the road from Joppa to Jerusalem, taken by Joshua.
Gibeah Home town of Saul, his capital.
Gibeon City of Benjamin 6 miles NW of Jerusalem, where Joshua had the sun to stand still one whole day.
Gideon "Tree feller", a judge of Israel that asked God for a sign (fleece).
gift A bribe.
Gihon 1. One of the four rivers of Eden, presumably a canal that connects the Tigris and Euphrates as ancient river beds. 2. A spring in the Kidron Valley that provided water for the city of Jerusalem.
Gilboa A mountain in the valley of Jezreel where Saul and his sons were slain.
Gilead 1. A fertile mountain region east of the dead sea, of which comprised the tribes of Reuben, Gad and half of Manasseh. 2. Grazing land east of the Jordan river.
Gilgal Place where Israel crossed the Jordan river, Joshua built an altar of 12 stones.
gimel The 3rd letter of the Hebrew alphabet.
gird Fasten around the waist with a belt.
girdle Belt, waistband or other clothing worn around the waist or breast.
girt Encircled.
glean Gather leftover grain after the harvest.
glede An unknown bird of prey, perhaps a kite or a hawk.
glorified Praised.
glorify Praise.
glorious Worthy of praise.
glory Praise, adoration, worthiness.
gluttony Eating too much food and drink.
gnashing Grinding your teeth together, as a sign of pain or grief.
goad Ox goad, a long, wooden rod, sometimes having a metal tip, used for driving animals.
goat Represented the bad.
God 1. "God", the supreme being that created everything. 2. "god", false gods.
God-ward Towards God.
Godhead The state or quality of being divine.
godless Without God.
godliness Goodness, being holy like God is holy.
godly Good, devout, holy.
goeth Goes.
Gog and Magog A people destroyed by God for coming against Israel.
golden vials Prayers of the saints.
Golgotha Place near Jerusalem where Christ was crucified.
Goliath "An exile" or "splendor", the Philistine giant (9' 9" tall) that David killed with his sling.
Gomer Prostitute wife of Hosea, mother of Jezreel, Loruhamah, and Loammi.
Gomorrah The Palestinian city destroyed by God for its godlessness.
Gomorrha Gomorrah.
goodman Master of the house, householder.
gopher wood An unknown wood used to construct Noah's ark.
gore Pierce or wound with horns or tusks.
Goshen Place in lower Egypt that Joseph brought his family.
gospel "Good news", the story of Christ.
gossip Idle talk about someone else behind their back.
gourd The fruit of any plant that has a hard outer shell.
grace Unmerited favor from God (GRACE God's Riches At Christ's Expense).
gracious Showing grace and mercy, giving kindness.
graffed Grafted.
Grant Give.
grate A frame of metal bars to contain wood, etc in a fire.
grave Solemn, thoughtful, or a burial place, or to engrave.
graven Engraved.
graven image A carved image.
greaves A piece of defensive armour reaching from the foot to the knee.
Grecian From Greece.
Greece Refers to the Roman province of Achaia.
greed Sin of wanting more than you need.
Greek The language first used to record the new testament.
Greeks The people from Greece, or in some cases refers to Gentiles.
grieve Feel deep sorrow.
grievous With great suffering and trouble.
grisled Partly colored or variegated as goats, or horses.
grope Feel your way around.
grounded On good foundation.
groves Holy trees on the tops of mountains or hills where the heathen, pagans worshipped their gods.
guardian Protector.
guestchamber Room set aside for the use of a guest.
guile Deceiving, trickery.
gulf A huge gap.