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fain Willingly.
fair havens A small bay on the S coast of Crete, a few miles E of Cape Matala, now Kaloi Limenes.
faith Complete confidence and trust in God.
faithful Loyal, sure, something you can depend on.
faithless Having no faith.
fame Reputation.
familiar spirits Practice of communicating with the spirits of the dead.
famine Starvation brought about usually by a lack of rain.
fare Live.
farthing A very small coin, about a quarter of a penny.
fast Do without food for a period of time, or secure.
Father Usually refers to God the Father, the first person of the trinity.
fathom A measure of the depth of water, equal to 6 feet.
favour Approval.
feast A celebration that includes lots of food.
feast of booths Also called the Feast of Tabernacles and the Feast of ingathering.
Feast of harvest Celebration of the harvest.
Feast of ingathering Celebration of the harvest.
Feast of Purim Established by Mordecai to commemorate the deliverence from Haman, a day of feasting and gladness.
feast of tabernacles Also known as the Feast of Booths, and the feast of ingathering.
feast of the Passover The feast that the Jews celebrate to commemorate the passing over of the death angel during the Egyptian plagues.
Feast of unleavened bread Celebration of the passover.
Feast of weeks The feast of Harvest, or the day of first fruits, later known as the day of Pentecost.
feeble Weak.
feign Pretend or to fake something.
Felix "Happy", a Roman governor of Judea, sent Paul to Rome.
fellowship Friendship, or a group of friends.
fervent Emotionally intense.
fervor Intense passion or devotion.
Festus "Joyful", a Roman governor of Judea, that replaced Felix in AD 59 or 60.
fetch Get, or bring.
fetters A chain or shackle for the feet of a prisoner.
fidelity Loyalty, the faithful performance of a duty.
fillets Curtain rods hung upon hooks near the upper end of the pillars.
firkin A liquid measure of about 10 gallons.
firmament The sky.
first watch Roman watch 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm, Jewish watch sunset to 10:00 pm.
firstborn The oldest child.
firstfruit The first fruits, vegetables, etc harvested.
firstling The first offspring of an animal.
flags A grasslike plant grown in swamps or by river banks.
flanks The sides of an animal between the ribs and thigh.
flax A plant useful for manufacturing linen, clothing and ropes.
flay Strip or peel the skin or flesh.
flee Run from.
fleece A coat of wool covering a sheep.
flesh The human body, as opposed to mind, soul or spirit.
fleshhooks Large hooks (like forks) used to move the sacrificial animal parts around on the altar.
flock A number of goats, sheep, birds or people grouped or traveling together.
flux A flow or flowing.
foes Enemies.
fold An enclosure for sheep.
folly Foolishness.
fool Impious, godless, one who neglects and despises what relates to salvation.
footstool A low stool for resting your feet.
forbad Did not allow.
forbear Restrain yourself, hold back.
forbearance Restraint, tolerance.
forbid Deny, not allow.
foreknew Knew before.
foreknowledge Knowledge of an event before it happens.
foremost First in position, rank or status.
forepart Front part.
forerunner To come before to prepare the way, as in John the Baptist was the forerunner of Christ.
foresaw Saw prior to the event.
foreship Bow, the front of the ship.
foretold Announced prior to the happening.
forfeit Give up, surrender, lose.
forgat Forgot.
forgive Pardon, to cancel a debt.
fornication Any kind of sexual activity outside of marriage.
fornicator An unmarried man and woman who has voluntary sexual relations.
forsake Give up, abondoned.
forsaken Deserted, abandoned.
forsook Gave up, abondoned.
forswear Reject or to renounce with great emphasis.
forthwith At once, immediately.
forward Eager, prompt, toward the front.
forwardness Eagerness.
foundation The bottom or first part.
founder Silversmith.
fourscore 80.
foursquare Correctly aligned.
fourth watch Roman watch 3:00 am to 6:00 am.
fowl Birds, winged animals.
fragment A part of.
frankincense A fragrant gum resin used in burning as incense.
fray Scare.
freewill offering An offering compelled by the desire to thank God for his bountiful care.
fret Spread.
fretting Spreading.
fringes Tassels, twisted blue thread sewn into the garments to remind the Israelites to keep God's commandments.
frontlet A small pouch made of leather, an ornament worn on the forehead or a short cloth over the upper part of the front of an alter.
froward Continuously disposed to disobedience and opposition.
fruitful To have many children, to have an abundant harvest.
fugitive One who is running away for fear of punishment or danger.
fulfill Carry out a promise or obligation.
fuller Someone whose trade was to pleat or treat cloth so as to shrink and thicken it.
furlong A distance of about 1 eighth of a mile.
furtherance Increase, spreading.