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earnest Heartfelt, serious and diligent, emotionally intense and solemn.
east sea Dead Sea.
Easter For the Jews it was the week of passover, but for the Christian it was the celebration of the resurrection of Christ.
Ebal A mountain in Samaria where Joshua spoke the curses that would result from breaking the law.
Ebenezer A place near Mizpeh where Israel because of sin lost a battle with the Philistines (where Eli's sons were killed and the Ark of the Covenant was captured), but where later God delivered them from the Philistines.
Eber Son of Salah, lived 464 years.
Ecclesiastes Means preacher, book in the Old Testament generally ascribed to Solomon.
Ed The name of the altar of witness between the tribes east and west of the Jordan.
Eden Where God put Adam and Eve, but eventually made them leave.
edification Improve spiritually or morally by instruction or example.
edify Improve spiritually or morally by instruction or example.
Edom Esau, "red", the older son of Isaac that sold his birthright to Jacob.
Edomite Descendant of Esau, dwellers of the land of Edom located between the Red Sea and the Dead Sea.
Edrei A principle city of the Amorite kingdom of Og.
effectual Successful in bringing about a desired effect.
effeminate A man or boy that acts like a female.
Eglon A city near Lachish, taken by Joshua.
Egypt Place where Joseph brought his family to save them from starvation.
Egyptian From Egypt.
Ehud A judge of Israel, the son of Gera, a Benjamite that killed Eglon, king of Moab.
Ekron One of the 5 principle cities of the Philistines, and also where the Ark was taken from Gath.
El God.
El Dhu Olami The God of eternity.
El Elohe Israel The God of Israel.
El Olam The everlasting God.
El Shaddai The almighty God.
Elah "An oak", one of the Kings of Israel.
Elam A region of southern Iran, directly north of the head of the Persian gulf, but south of Media, very close to present day Kuwait.
Elamites Inhabitants of Elam.
elders Older men in the faith, leaders.
Eleazar "God helpeth", a high priest, son of Aaron, placed as chief of the Levites.
elect Chosen.
election God's choice of Israel as his people.
eleventh hour 5:00 pm.
Eli "Lifting up", the high priest to whom Hannah brought Samuel.
Eliab David's oldest brother.
Elias Elijah.
Eliezer "God is my help", second son of Moses and Zipporah, father only of Rehabiah.
Elihu One of Job's friends.
Elijah "My God is Jehovah", the prophet who confronted the prophets of Baal at Mount Carmel.
Elimelech Naomi's husband, father in law of Ruth.
Eliphaz One of Job's friends.
Elisabeth Elizabeth, husband of Zechariah, mother of John the Baptist.
Eliseus Elisha.
Elisha "My God is salvation", prophet successor to Elijah.
Elizabeth "Oath of God", cousin of Mary, mother of John the Baptist.
Elkanah The father of Samuel.
Elon A Zebulonite that judged Israel 10 years.
eloquent Skillful in the use of words.
Elymas A sorcerer.
embolden Make bold.
emerald Possibly a modern green emerald gemstone.
emerods Tumers.
Emmanuel "God with us", name given to Jesus at his birth.
Emmaus A village near Jerusalem.
emulation Copy, try to do as well as.
encamp Camp.
enchantment A magic spell or charm.
endeavour Works towards a goal, try.
endow Give money or property for upkeep or benefit.
endue Provide with a talent, ability, power, etc.
endure To hold out for a long time under suffering.
Eneglaim "Spring of the two calves", a spring on the shore of the Dead Sea.
Engedi "Spring of the goat", a freshwater spring on the west of the Dead Sea.
engraft Graft in.
Enhakkore "Spring of One calling", where God provided Samson with water from the jawbone.
enjoin To impose as a rule, to command.
enmity a feeling of hatred or hostility.
Enoch "Dedicated", son of Jared, father of Methuselah, he walked with God, and was not for God took him, lived 365 years.
Enos Son of Seth, father of Cainan, lived 905 years.
Enosh Enos, son of Seth, father of Cainan, lived 905 years.
enquire Ask.
enrich Make rich.
Enrogel Job's Well, a water source just outside of Jerusalem.
ensamples Examples.
ensign A flag or standard, an emblem or badge, a symbol of office.
ensue Happen, or come afterwards or as a result.
entice Offer some reward in order to get someone to stop resisting and do as you wish.
entreat mistreat, or plead with or for.
envies Antagonism towards someone that has something you want but you do not have.
environ Surround, or encircle.
envy Antagonism towards someone that has something you want but you do not have.
Epaphras A companion of Paul.
Epaphroditus "Handsome", a companion of Paul.
ephah A dry measure equal to about one half bushel.
Ephesians The letter written by Paul to the church at Ephesus.
Ephesus Seaport city of Asia Minor, 1st of the 7 churches of Revelation.
ephod The holy vest worn by the priests.
Ephraim Second of Joseph's two sons, blessed as firstborn by Jacob.
Ephraimites Descendants of Ephraim, the 2nd son of Jacob.
Ephron Sold Abraham the land where he buried Sarah.
Epicureans Believed that supreme good (not momentary pleasure) is happiness.
epistle Letter.
Er First son of Judah and the Canaanite woman Bathshuah, very wicked.
Erastus The city of Corinth's public works director.
ere Before.
Esaias Isaiah, a prophet.
Esau "Hairy", firstborn son of Isaac, Jacob's brother, also called Edom, descendants became the nation of Edom.
eschew Avoid.
Esek "Contention".
Eshcol A valley a few miles north of Hebron where the spies gathered a huge cluster of grapes.
espied Noticed, or caught sight of.
espoused Engaged to be married.
Esrom Hezron, son of Pharez.
estate Condition.
esteem Respect.
Esther "A star", became Queen of Ahasuerus, saved Jews from destruction by Hamaan, and the book that tells her story.
estimation The amount of money to be given to the priest when a vow was made.
eternal Everlasting, forever.
Ethiopia An African country that exported precious stones to Israel.
Eucharist The sacrament of the Lord's supper where bread and wine represent the body and blood of Christ.
Eunice "Happily victorious", mother of Timothy.
eunuch A man who can not have sexual relations.
Euphrates One of the two great rivers of Mesopotamia.
Euroclydon A south eastern or eastern wind that turns to a north eastern wind, producing very violent weather.
Eutychus "Lucky", a young man in the city of Troas that fell out of a window and died, but was brought back to life by Paul.
evangelist "To announce the good news", one who preaches the facts of the Gospel in order to win converts.
Eve "Life", the first woman, Adam's wife, mother of all living.
eventide Evening.
everlasting Last forever, live forever.
evil Bad.
ewe A female sheep.
exact Demand or enforce payment of a penalty or tax.
exalt Give glory, lift up.
exhort Urge, encourage, advise strongly.
exhortation A persuading speech to do the right thing.
exile Someone that is displaced from and living outside of their homeland.
Exodus Second book of Bible, records the leaving of Israel out of Egypt.
exorcist One who casts out an evil spirit.
expedient Necessary, advisable.
expired Passed, or died.
expound Explain and interpret with great detail.
extoll Highly praise or glorify.
extortion Taking money by force, threats or deception or by excessive overcharging.
extortioner One who takes money by force, threats or deception or by excessive overcharging.
eyeservice Lip service, insincere expression of approval or agreement.
eyewitness Someone who sees an event.
Ezekias Hezekiah, 13th King of Judah.
Ezekiel "The strength of God", prophet of the old testament during Israel's captivity, the book of his prophecies.
Ezra "Help", a hebrew priest and scribe that returned to Jerusalem to rebuild the temple, and the book that tells his story.