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dagger A short, knifelike weapon for stabbing, with a sharpedged pointed blade.
Dagon "Grain", a Philistine god.
daleth The 4th letter of the Hebrew alphabet.
Dalmanutha A district on the coast of the Lake of Galilee, present site unknown.
dam An female parent animal.
Damascus Capital city of Syria.
damnation Condemnation to eternal punishment.
damsel A young girl.
Dan The 5th of the 12 sons of Jacob, 1st son of Bilhah.
Daniel "God is my judge", carried captive into Babylon, faithful to God, and a book of his story and visions.
Danites Descendants of Dan, the 5th son of Jacob.
Darius Median King of Persia that emancipated Israel.
Dathan A Reubenite who along with his brother Abiram and the Levite Korah rebelled against Moses.
David "Beloved", 2nd King of all Israel.
dayspring The direction of the rising sun, a reference to the coming of the Messiah.
deacon Minister.
Dead Sea Salt Sea, Eastern Sea, a very salty lake at the south end of the Jordan River with no outlet.
deaf Someone who can not hear.
dearth Lack, scarcity.
Debir A city in the Judean hills, taken by Joshua.
Deborah "A bee", a heroic judge of Israel.
debtor The one who is in debt.
Decapolis 10 cities near sea of Galilee.
decease Death, to die.
deceit Lie.
deceive Make someone believe something that is not true.
deceived Fooled.
decrees Orders made by a ruling body.
Dedan A flourishing Caravan city, modern day Alula.
dedicate Devote to a sacred purpose.
dedication The act of dedicating someone or something to God.
deed Title to property, or action.
deeds Actions.
deemed Realized, or sensed.
deep Seas, or very low.
defamed Having the reputation attacked.
deferr Postpone, put off taking an action.
defile Make something ritually unclean.
defiled Ritually unclean, by such as having touched a corpse.
defilement The act of defiling.
defraud Cheat someone of his right or property.
defy Challenge, as to combat, to antagonize.
deity A divine being.
Delilah Betrayed Samson to the Philistines.
Demas Coworker of Paul.
Demetrius Head of the silversmiths at Ephesus, where they made many shrines and images of the goddess Diana.
demon An evil spirit.
Derbe A border town on the SE region of Galatia.
deride Laugh at in scorn, mock.
descendant Family members that are born to a person and their children.
descent The place to go down, or the descendants, or of the descendants.
descry See from a distance.
desecrate Profane.
desecration Violation of the Sabbath.
desolate Wasted, forsaken, unpopulated.
desolation A barren land.
despair Lose hope.
despisers Those who look down upon someone or something.
despitefully Hateful action because of some grudge.
destitute So poor that you don't even have the bare essentials of life.
determinate Resolved, decided, determined.
detest Hate, to loathe, to regard with disgust.
Deuteronomy "Second law", the fifth book of the Old Testament.
devices Schemes.
devil An evil spirit or demon.
Devil Satan, Lucifer.
devotions Addictions.
devour Eat, or consume.
devout One who worships religiously.
diamond Probably a white opaque stone, but not a modern diamond.
Diana An Ephesian goddess of the hunt, of the moon, and of chastity.
diddest Did.
didst Did.
Didymus Twin.
diligence Being hard working, not negligent.
diligent Hard working, not negligent.
diminish Decrease.
Dinah The daughter of Jacob and Leah.
dirt The material of which the ground is composed, or the entrails, etc in the stomach and chest area.
disannull To make not null and void.
discern The ability to see the truth, to judge between right and wrong.
discernment A gift of the Holy Spirit to see the truth.
disciple "Student", usually a student of Christ. 1. Simon Peter or Cephas, brother of Andrew, son of Jonah from Bethsaida. 2. Andrew, brother of Peter, son of Jonah from Bethsaida. 3. James, brother of John, son of Zebedee. 4. John, brother of James, son of Zebedee. 5. Philip, from Bethsaida. 6. Bartholomew, or Nathaniel, from Cana in Galilee 7. Thomas or Didymus. 8. Matthew or Levi, son of Alphaeus. 9. James, son of Alphaeus. 10. Thaddaeus or Lebbaeus, or Judas of James. 11. Simon the Canaanite, or Simon the Zealot. 12. Judas Iscariot, son of Simon Iscariot.
discomfit Confuse, to upset, to embarrass.
discreet Circumspect, tactful.
dishonour Disgrace.
dispensation A particular fate ordained by providence.
disperse Go in different directions.
disposed Just about to do something.
disposition Being placed in position.
dispossess Deprive of property, to remove from their possession.
disputation Dispute.
dissembled Lied.
dissension A difference of opinions, strife.
dissimulation With false impression, hypocrisy.
distress In great difficulty or danger.
divers Several different, various.
diverse Different.
diversity Different, unlike.
divination The forecasting of the future by various means.
divine Having the nature of god, or to foretell the future.
divineth Forecast the future.
divinity The quality of being divine.
divorcement A legal end to a marriage.
doctrine A collection of the basic points or a religion.
Doeg An Edomite, the head shepherd of King Saul, killed 85 priests by order of Saul.
doest Do.
dominion Power over something.
Dor A northern Canaanite city taken by Joshua, later given to Manasseh.
Dorcas "Gazelle" in Greek, a benevolent woman of Joppa, restored to life by Peter.
dost Do.
doth Does.
Dothan A district and town near Samaria.
dowry The money or other possessions which a woman brings to her husband under a marriage contract.
dragon Name used for various large monsters, such as the crocodile, whale, or serpent. In some Old Testament passages it refers to the jackal. In Revelation it refers to Satan.
dram A unit of weight for currency, valued at about $5.30.
draught The act of dragging with a net, or the quantity of fish caught in a net, or the waste.
drave Drove.
drawn Pulled.
dread Great fear.
drew Pulled.
drink offering An offering made of wine, offered as a tithe of the first fruits.
dromedary A swift one humped camel used for riding or carrying loads.
dropsy The accumulation of fluid in the tissues of the body, especially the legs.
drought A long time without rain.
drove A herd of cattle, sheep or other animals being driven from one place to another.
drunkard Alcoholic.
Drusilla The youngest daughter of Herod Agrippa I, born in AD 38, wife of Felix the governor of Judea.
due About to arrive, or that which is owed to someone.
dumb Unable to speak with intelligible sounds.
dung Human or animal waste.
dungeon Prison.
dunghill Place where waste is dumped.
dureth Endures.
durst Dared.
dwell Live.
dwelt Lived.