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Caesar Title of the Roman emperors.
Caesarea Named in honor of Augustus Caesar, it was the seat of the Roman government of Judea during the NT times, located 30 miles N of Joppa.
Caiaphas High Priest from AD18 to AD36 son in law to Annas.
Cain "Possessor", firstborn son of Adam, murdered his brother Abel.
Cainan 1. Son of Enos, great grandson of Adam, lived 910 years. 2. Son of Arphaxad, great grandson of Noah.
Caiphas "Depression", high priest at the time of Christ.
calamus Sweet tasting plant stalk probably like sugar cane.
caldron A large deep iron cooking pot for use over an open fire.
Caleb "Dog", one of 12 spies that came back with a good report.
calling of God A spiritual summons to carry out a mission.
Calvary Place of Christ's crucifixion.
Cana Town of Galilee where Jesus performed his first miracle.
Canaan Land promised to Abraham by God, also the name of one of the sons of Ham.
Canaanites Descendants of Canaan.
Candace An Ethiopian queen whose minister was converted under Philip.
canker Cancer.
cankerworm Probably a stage in the development of the locust.
Capernaum A city on North shore of the Sea of Galilee, a center of Christ's ministry.
Caph The 11th letter of the Hebrew alphabet.
Cappadocia An Eastern province of Asia Minor.
carbuncle A red precious gemstone.
carcase The body of a dead animal or person.
Carmel A mountain ridge in Israel, site of Elijah's confrontation with the prophets of Baal.
carnal Pertaining to the flesh, or fleshly desires.
carriages Personal belongings.
cassia A pleasant smelling powder like cinnamon.
cast Throw.
Castor and Pollux "Twin brothers", greek mythology sons of Leda, supposed protectors of sailors.
caul A membrane inside the stomach or liver.
Cedron A brook on the east side of Jerusalem.
celestial Heavenly.
celibacy Unmarried.
Cenchrea A Seaport 6 miles E of Corinth on the Saronic Gulf.
censer A vessel upon which the incense was burned in the sanctuary.
centurion Roman officer with authority over 100 men.
Cephas A stone, name given to Peter by Jesus.
chaff The husk or hull of a head of grain.
Chaldean An inhabitant of southern Babylonia.
chamber Room.
chambering Sexual immorality.
chamberlain An official in charge of a household of a nobleman.
chamois Probably a mountain sheep.
champaign A desert plain.
Chanaan Canaan.
chapiters The top or head on the pillars of the tabernacle and its court.
charger A deep dish, that which was used to bear weight.
chariot A two wheeled vehicle pulled by horses, used in warfare.
charity Spiritual love for others, giving to the needy.
charmer One who tied magic charms.
Charran Haran.
chaste Innocent of immoral sexual acts.
chasten Administer spiritual discipline.
chastise Punish for the purpose of correction.
chastisement Punishment.
Chemosh A false god of the Moabites (same as Ammonite god Molech).
Cherub An order of angels with a lion's body, human face, wings.
Cherubim Symbolic creature that stood guard at the garden of Eden and the temple of Solomon.
Cheth The 8th letter of the Hebrew alphabet.
chide Reprove, rebuke, compel.
chief priests The Sadducees who were in charge of worship at the temple in Jerusalem, the teachers and interpreters of the law.
Chinneroth "Harp", the sea of Galilee.
Chios One of the larger islands off the W coast of Asia Minor.
choler Anger.
Chorazin A town on the Sea of Galilee, 2.5 miles north of Capernaum.
Christ The Messiah, Son of God, Jesus, Saviour, Redeemer.
christian "Like Christ", one who follows Christ.
Chronicles Two books that contain a record of the early years of Israel's history.
church A local group of believers or the whole body of believers.
churl A rude, vulgar, stingy or hard to work with person.
churlish Ill mannered, bad tempered, uncivilized.
Chushanrishathaim King of Mesopotamia at the time of the Judges.
Cilicia A Roman province in the SW part of Asia Minor.
circumcision A ceremonial cutting of the foreskin of males, also a term used in reference to the Jews.
circumspect Attentive to the consequences of one's behavior.
Cis Kish, the father of King Saul.
cistern An underground tank for storing water.
city of David Bethlehem.
clamour A loud confused noise or complaining.
Clauda A small island about 23 miles SW of Crete.
Claudius Caesar Roman Caesar from Ad 41 to 54.
Claudius Lysias The Roman centurian that arrested Paul in Jerusalem, stationed at the fortress of Antonia.
clave Held onto something.
cleave Hang onto, hold fast, or split into two parts.
clemency The disposition to be merciful.
Cleopas A disciple to whom Jesus appeared after the resurrection.
cloak Covering, a loose sleeveless outer garment.
cloke Covering, a loose sleeveless outer garment.
clothe Dress, put clothes on.
clouted Patched.
cloven footed Of a divided hoof.
Cnidus A city on the most SW point of Lycia, about 170 miles from Myra.
coat of mail A breastplate made of sheets of metal overlapped like fish scales.
cockatrice A serpent.
cogitate Think, plan, or devise.
Colosse A city in Asia, about 10 miles from Laodicea to which Paul wrote his letter of Colossians.
Colossians The book from Paul addressed to the church at Colosse.
colour Disguise.
comeliness Attractiveness.
comely Beautiful, or proper, or in good standing.
comforter The Holy Spirit that was promised by Christ.
commandment A divine order.
commend Entrust, to recommend.
commendation Recommendation.
commit To have done, to entrust.
commodious Accommodating.
common Ordinary, or belonging to more than one, or impure.
commonwealth A free association of self governing units.
commotion A noisy disturbance caused by a number of people.
commune Discuss, to communicate.
communion The partaking of bread and wine that was begun by Jesus that symbolized his broken body and his spilled blood.
companied Accompanied.
compass The ledge of an altar, or to circle or surround.
compassed Surrounded or circled.
compasseth To completely surround.
compassion The desire to help when a need is discovered.
compel Force.
compelled Forced.
comprehend Understand the meaning or the significance.
conceit Thinking that you are better than someone else.
conceive Become pregnant, or to form an idea.
conception The act of becoming pregnant.
concision Those who would enforce circumcision on Gentile Christians.
concord Harmony, a state of agreement.
concourse Coming together.
concubine A woman that lives with a man, but does not have the standing of a wife.
concupiscence Sexual desire, lust, desire for earthly things.
condemn Declare unfit for use, or to censure or blame, or to pronounce punishment.
condemnation Blame, the state of being declared unfit for use, or no good.
condescend Be gracious to someone of lower status.
conduct Escort, or guide.
coney A rock badger, a small rabbit sized animal with feet like a hyppopotamus.
confection The perfume made by the temple apothecary.
confectionary A female perfumer.
confederate League, joined together, allied.
conferr Discuss.
confession Acknowledgement of our sin to God.
confidence Assurance, trust.
confirm Assure, validate, establish the truth of something.
conform Comply, to do as others do.
conformable In proper agreement or likeness.
confound Confuse, or baffle.
congregation An assembly of people for a religious service.
conscience Knowledge of your own acts as right or wrong.
consecrate Declare holy, or to dedicate to a purpose.
consolation Relief by comfort for those who are suffering, grieving or disappointed.
consort Associate, or accompany.
conspiracy Secretly joining together for an evil purpose.
constrain Persuad by strong pressure or force.
consumption Tuberculosis of the lungs, or an annihilation.
contempt An attitude to something which one despises or sees as worthless or vile.
contemptible Worthy of scorn or contempt.
contend Argue.
contentions Controversy.
contentious Quarrelsome.
contrariwise To the contrary.
contrary Opposite in nature or direction, opposed.
contrite Grieving and penitent for sin.
conversion The changing into a new lifestyle.
convert To change spiritually.
convey Carry, transport, suggest.
conviction Impressed with a sense of guilt.
convocation A calling together, to assemble a group of people.
Coos Cos, a large and mountainous island off the SW coast of Asia Minor.
copulate Join together sexually.
Corban "Offering", to dedicate one's earnings to God, but not necessarily giving the money to God, thereby nulifying the required support of your parents.
Core Korah, "Baldness", grandson of Kohath, challenged the authority of Moses and was killed by God.
coriander A plant whose seeds are used for flavoring and for making a drug that reduces stomach gases.
Corinth A Greek seaport city visited by Paul.
Corinthians Residents of Corinth, and the name of the letters sent to the Church at Corinth.
cormorant A large black voracious sea bird.
Cornelius A Godly Roman Centurion.
corpse Dead body.
corrupt Changed from good to bad, dishonest, to make wicked, to defile.
corruptible Open to corruption, especially bribes.
corruption The state of being in moral decay.
council An assembly of authorities (Sanhedran).
counsel Advice, or an elected legislative or advisory body.
countenance Facial expression.
coupled Connected.
covenant Agreement between two parties.
covet A strong desire for something that does not belong to you.
covetousness The sin of wanting something that does not belong to you.
craft Slyness, craftiness, or occupation.
craftiness Deception.
craved Asked.
create To bring into existance something that has never existed before.
Creator The one who creates.
creature The one who is created.
creepeth Move along with the body prone and close to the ground.
Crete An island in the Mediterranean.
crew Crowed.
crimson A deep red color.
crookbackt Hump backed.
cross An upright beam used to crucify people, symbol of Christianity, or the burden we must bear.
crucified Put to death by nailing to a cross.
crucifixion The act of being crucified.
crucify Put to death by nailing to a cross.
cubit A measurement of length (about 18 inches, 2 spans) of a man's arm from the elbow to the tip of the middle finger.
cuckow A bird of the sea gull family.
cumbered Burdened.
cumbrance Encumbrance, any burden or obligation that burdens or restricts another.
cummin A Mediterranean plant whose seed was used for its aromatic flavor.
cunning Crafty, deceitful.
cupbearer An attendant that pours wine, sometimes also a wine taster.
curious arts Sorcery.
curse A call for divine punishment.
cursed Condemned.
Cush Son of Ham, father of Nimrod.
custom A head tax, or a generally accepted practice or habit.
cymbal One of a pair of shallow brass plates that are banged together to make a ringing clang.
Cyprus An Island in the eastern Mediterranean.
Cyrene An ancient Greek city west of Egypt, the chief city in Libya and north Africa between Alexandria and Carthage.
Cyrenian From Cyrene, an ancient Greek city west of Egypt, the chief city in Libya and north Africa between Alexandria and Carthage.
Cyrenius While governor of Syria-Cilicia he organized the census in Judea when the territory came under Roman rule.
Cyrus King of Persia that conquered Babylonia and Syria in 539 B.C, and let the Israelite exiles return to rebuild Jerusalem.