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Baal "Lord", "master", a fertility god of the Canaanites.
Baalberith "Lord of the covenant", the Canaanite god with a shrine at Shechem.
Baalgad A mountain on the northern edge of the territory taken by Joshua.
Baalhazor A 3,333 foot high mountain 9 miles NNW of Bethel, where Absalom killed his brother Amnon.
Baalhermon Mount Hermon, a 9,100 foot high mountain on the northern boundary of Israel.
Baali "My Lord", or "my master".
Baalim Plural of Baal.
Baalmeon One of several towns built by the Reubenites in the territory of Sihon the Amorite.
Baalpeor A god of the Moabites.
Baaltamar Where Israel ambushed Benjamin.
Baalzebub "Lord of the flies", the god of the Philistine city of Ekron.
Baalzebul "Baal the prince", the god of the ancient Canaanites.
Baasha "Offensive", became 3rd King of Israel by murdering Nadab.
babe Baby.
Babel "Confusion", site of the tower of Babel where everyone was given a different language.
Babylon An ancient capital of Babylonia, 55 miles south of Baghdad.
Babylonia One of the countries of Mesopotamia that defeated Israel.
Backbiters Slanderers.
bade Requested, invited.
Balaam "Destruction", the prophet sent by the King of Moab to curse Israel.
Balac Balak, King of Moab who hired Balaam to curse Israel.
Balak King of Moab who hired Balaam to curse Israel.
balm A fragrance, used medicinally.
band A group of men, or a flat, narrow strip of cloth.
banquet Feast.
baptism Ceremony by which you enter the church, symbolizing the death and rising from the dead of Christ.
baptist One who practices baptism, such as John the Baptist.
baptize Perform a baptism.
baptized Ceremoniously dipped in water, symbolizing the death and rising from the dead of Christ.
Barabbas A robber and a murderer that was released instead of Jesus.
Barak A judge of Israel, who fought with Deborah against the Canaanites.
barbarians Foreigners.
barbarous Foreigner, to the Romans, anyone outside the Roman empire.
barbed irons Harpoons.
bare gave birth to, or carried.
Barjesus A false prophet.
Barjona "Son of Jonah", Simon Peter.
barley A grass of which the grain is used to make cereal and feed animals.
Barnabas "Son of Consolation", one of the first missionaries that accompanied Paul.
barren Without child, unable to have a child.
Bartholomew "Son of Tolmai", an Apostle of Jesus, also called Nathanael.
Bartimeus "Son of Timeous", a blind beggar healed by Christ.
Baruch Jeremiah's scribe.
Barzillai A Gileadite that aided David during Absolom's revolt.
base Morally low.
Bashan A fertile region east of the Jordan River lying N of Gilead.
Bashemath Daughter of Elon the Hittite that married Esau.
basin An open vessel (like a pot) for holding water or other liquid.
bason An open vessel (like a pot) for holding water or other liquid.
bastard A child born to unwed parents.
Bathsheba "Daughter of the oath", the wife of Uriah that David had killed so that he could marry her.
battlement A low wall at the edge of a roof to prevent people from falling off.
bdellium A tree that yields a gum resin like myrrh.
beam A large piece of wood.
bear Carry.
beast Animal.
beatitudes The blessings listed by Jesus in the sermon on the mount.
Beautiful gate A gate in Herod's temple to the Court of the Women, where many indigent and sick people sat and begged.
beckon Invite to come near with a nod of the head or a gesture of the hand.
becometh Is worthy of.
Bedan Barak, a judge of Israel.
Beelzebub Beelzebul, prince of devils.
Beelzebul Beelzebub, prince of devils.
Beerlahairoi The well where Hagar spoke to an Angel of God.
Beersheba "The well of the seven", a city of southern Palestine, where Abraham dug a well.
beeves Oxen.
befell Happened.
beforetime Previously.
begat Had a son or daughter.
beget Have children born.
begotten Born.
beguile Fool, to deceive.
beguiled Tricked.
behalf In someone's good interest.
beheld Looked at and considered.
behemoth Plural of the word beast.
behold Look at and consider.
behoved Was morally necessary to someone.
bekah A unit of weight equal to one half a shekel.
Bel A false god of the Babylonians.
belial Worthless, wicked, Satan.
believe To be under the opinion that something is absolutely true.
believer A term referring to a follower of Christ.
beloved One who is loved.
Belshazzar A King of Babylon, probably a grandson of Nebuchadnezzar.
Benaiah Son of Jehoiada, an officer of the bodyguards of David and Solomon.
Benammi Son of Lot by his youngest daughter, became father of the Ammonites.
benefactor Someone who gives help, especially financial.
benefit The help or profit someone recieves, or to help or profit someone.
benevolence Kindheartedness, generous giving.
Benhadad "Son of Hadad", King of Damascus.
Benjamin "Son of the right hand", 12th, youngest of the 12 sons of Jacob, 2nd son of Rachel.
Benoni "Son of my sorrow".
Berea Modern Verria, 50 miles W of Thessalonica.
bereaved Left desolate or deprived because of a death.
Bernice "Bringing victory", the oldest daughter of Herod Agrippa I, sister of Drusilla, born in AD28.
beryl Probably a green gemstone, either green chrysoberyl, green peridot or ordinary beryl, beryllium alumino-silicate.
beseech Implore, request with great intensity, beg.
beset Surrounded.
besiege To surround with armed forces and attack.
besought Implored, requested with great intensity, begged.
bestow Give or grant, or to devote, or to place or store.
beth "House of", also the 2nd letter of the Hebrew alphabet.
Bethabara "House of the ford", the name of the place east of the Jordan where John the Baptist was baptizing.
Bethany A small village 1.5 miles East of Jerusalem.
Bethel House of worship, a city 14 miles North of Jerusalem, where God appeared to Abraham and Jacob.
Bethesda "House of mercy", a Jerusalem pool with 5 porches.
Bethlehem "House of bread", a small city 6 miles SSW of Jerusalem, city of David, and where Christ was born.
Bethphage "Place of young figs", a village on the Mount of Olives.
Bethsaida "Fisherman's house", the Galilean home of Philip the Tetrarch, and the disciples Phillip, Andrew and Peter.
Bethuel Son of Nahor, father of Rebekah.
betimes Early, in good time.
betray Give help to the enemy rather than a friend.
betrayal The act of betraying.
betroth Promise to marry someone.
betrothal An engagement to be married.
betrothed Engaged to be married.
betwixt Between.
Beulah Land "Married", for the Lord delights in thee.
bewail Cry over someone's death or misfortune.
beware Be aware, watch out for, be on guard against.
bewitch Fascinate or charm, or affect by witchcraft.
bewrayeth Betrays.
Bezaleel "Under the shadow of God", a metalsmith skilled in many crafts, gold, silver, brass, etc.
Bible God's written word.
bidden Invited.
bier A frame on which a coffin or corpse is taken to its burial.
bigot Narrow minded or prejudice in your beliefs.
bigotry To be narrow minded or prejudice in your beliefs.
Bildad One of Job's friends.
Bilhah Rachael's handmaid that bore Jacob's sons Dan and Naphtali.
birthright The inheritance and blessing given to the first born son.
bishop A high ranking Christian minister.
bishoprick The office of a bishop.
Bithynia A province on the coastal strip of Northern Asia Minor.
bitten Bit by a snake.
bittern A small or medium sized heron that has a characteristic booming cry.
blains A blister or sore on the skin.
blameless Without fault.
blaspheme Speak evil of God, or deny that he has done something good, or to credit someone else to being God.
blasphemous Speak evil of God, or deny that he has done something good, or to credit someone else to being God.
blasphemy Speak evil of God, or deny that he has done something good, or to credit someone else to being God.
blaze Proclaim, spread the news far and wide.
blemish Defect, or whatever keeps something from being perfect.
bless Give help, to make something better.
blessed Happy, one who has received a blessing.
blessing Good gift usually from God bestowed upon someone.
blood Represented life, or death.
blot Absorb, or to cover over.
Boaz Married Ruth, great grandfather of King David.
Bochim Bokim,"weepers", where an angel of the Lord prophecied against Israel.
boisterous Rough, or cheerfully loud.
bold Brave, daring.
bolled Boiled.
bolster A long pillow or cushion that extends the full width of the bed.
bond A written legal agreement, or that which holds two things together.
bondage In slavery.
bondservant A slave.
bonnets Head-gear, turban.
Booz Boaz that married Ruth.
bore Push through, or to drill.
borne Carried.
bosom Chest area, a fold in the clothes in the chest area that was used for carrying grain, other small items.
botch Boils, or ulcers.
bough A branch of a tree, main branch.
bound Restrained, such as by tying down.
bounty Generosity, giving freely.
bow Rainbow, or weapon used to shoot arrows, or to kneel in submission.
bowed Having either the head bent down or the back bent over.
bowels Affection.
bowshot Distance an arrow could be shot.
bramble A brier or any prickly bush or vine.
brasen Made out of brass.
breach The breaking of a legal or moral obligation.
bread Food, also represented the broken body of Christ.
breadth Width.
breastplate A shield that was to protect the chest area.
breeches Short pants worn by the Priest.
brethren Brothers.
bridechamber Room which became the bride's bedroom, upon her ceremonial removal from her home.
bridegroom A man that was about to be married.
brimstone Sulphur.
broided Braided.
broidered Embroidered, decorated with needlework.
broth A thin soup made from meat and vegetables.
brute Acting like a wild animal.
buckler A shield used to cover or protect the body.
buffet Hit by a storm or bad luck or by someone.
bullock A male cow, or oxen.
bulrushes Grassy reads such as where Moses was found as a baby.
bulwarks Defensive walls for protection.
burden Something you must carry.
burnt offering Offered every morning and evening, not to atone for sin, but as a sweet savour to God.