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Aaron "Enlightened", the older brother of Moses, the first high priest of Israel.
Abaddon "Place of destruction", the satanic angel of the bottomless pit.
Abarim The mountain where Moses saw the promised land and then died.
abase Bring down, humiliate.
abate Reduce, do away with, decrease.
Abba Aramaic for "Father".
Abdon The son of Hillel, a Pirathonite, that judged Israel 8 years.
Abednego One of Daniel's companions.
Abel "Vanity", Son of Adam, murdered by his brother Cain.
abhor Hate.
abhorrest Hates.
Abia Abijah, or Abijam, the son of Rehoboam, 2nd King of Judah.
Abiah The second son of Samuel.
Abiathar A priest at time of David.
Abib Nisan, first month of Jewish calendar, (March-April).
Abide Stay.
Abigail "A father's joy", wife of Nabal, a wealthy sheep raiser of Carmel, married David when Nabal died.
Abihu Son of Aaron, a priest, killed by fire from heaven.
Abijah "My father is Yahweh", or Abijam, the son of Rehoboam, 2nd King of Judah.
Abijam "My father is Yahweh", or Abijah, the son of Rehoboam, 2nd King of Judah.
Abimelech 1. King of Gerar, tried to take Sarah, Abraham's wife and Rebekah, Isaac's wife into his harem. 2. Son of Gideon, became king of Shechem.
Abinadab David's second oldest brother.
Abinidab A man of Kiriath-Jearim who kept the Ark after its return by the Philistines.
Abiram A Reubenite who along with his brother Dathan and the Levite Korah rebelled against Moses.
Abishag Attendant of David in his old age.
Abishai Became commander of David's mighty men.
Abner Commander of Saul's army.
abode The place you live, stay, or remain.
abolish Destroy, do away with.
abominable Something which causes intense disgust.
abomination A terrible, nasty, ugly, despicable, disgusting thing.
abound Exist in abundance.
Abraham "Father of a multitude", the first man to receive the promise from God that all the world would be blessed by one of his descendants, lived 175 years.
Abraham's bosom Paradise, seated next to Abraham.
Abram Abraham.
Absalom "Father of peace", son of King David that tried to take his throne, but was killed.
abstain Do without.
abstinence Doing without.
abyss Bottomless pit.
accord Agreement, harmony.
accursed Under a curse, condemned.
Achaia A small region of Greece on the south coast of the gulf of Corinth.
Achan Kept some of the spoils of Jericho, was killed for that sin.
Achaz Ahaz, 12th King of Judah.
Achish King of Gath, provided place of escape for David when Saul was looking for him.
Achsah Caleb's daughter, given to Othniel for taking Kirjathsepher.
Achshaph "Place of magic", a northern Canaanite city taken by Joshua.
acknowledge Recognize as a fact, admit that something is true.
Acts The book, written by Luke, recording the Acts of the Holy Spirit immediately following the ascension of Christ.
Adah Esau's wife, the daughter of Elon the Hittite.
Adam "Red man", created in the image of God, the name of the first man, lived 930 years.
Adar The last month of the Jewish calendar (Feb-March).
adder A serpent.
adjure To charge a person to do something as though on oath.
Admah One of the cities destroyed with Sodom and Gomorrah.
admonish Warn, to reprove mildly.
admonition Warning, rebuke.
ado Fuss and bother, commotion.
Adonijah Son of David, would have been king except for Solomon.
adorn Add beauty or splendor by decoration.
Adramyttium A harbor on the W coast of Asia Minor, SE of Troas, E of Assos.
Adria The Adriatic Sea.
Adullam A Canaanite city SW of Jerusalem where David hid from Saul in a cave.
Adullamite A resident of Adullam.
adulteress A woman that commits adultery.
adultery Unfaithfulness to your husband or wife.
adversary Enemy, or the one who is against you.
adversity Trouble, affliction.
advocate One who speaks in defence of another.
Aeneas The man healed of palsy by Peter.
afar At a distance.
affirm Confirm.
affliction A pain, disease, or something that bothers you.
affrighted Afraid.
afoot On foot.
afore Before.
aforehand Before the happening.
aforetime Before.
Agabus A Jerusalem prophet that predicted a great dearth and Paul's arrest.
Agag King of the Amalekites, defeated by king Saul.
agape Love.
Agar Hagar, the handmaid of Sarah, mother of Ishmael.
agate A precious stone, a fine grained variegated chalcedony.
aged Older.
agony Intense mental or physical suffering.
Agrippa King of Judea before whom Paul appeared.
ague Fever.
Ahab "Uncle", a very bad 7th King of Israel, married to Jezebel.
Ahasuerus "Mighty man", King of Persia at the time of Esther.
Ahaz "Possessor", 12th King of Judah.
Ahaziah 1."Jehovah seizes", son of Ahab, 8th King of Israel. 2. Son of Jehoram, 6th King of Judah for one year.
Ahijah Prophet of Shiloh.
Ahimelech A priest of Nob that aided David in his flight from Saul, murdered by Doeg the Edomite.
Ahinoam Wife of Saul.
Ahithophel David's counselor that sided with Absalom, later committed suicide.
Aholah "Her tent", name given to Northern Kingdom.
Aholiab A skilled metal worker.
Aholibah "My tent", name given to Southern Kingdom.
Aholibamah Esau's wife, the daughter of Anah.
Ai A small fortified city near Bethel, captured by Joshua.
ain The 16th letter of the Hebrew alphabet.
alabaster A soft light colored stone with streaks or stripes through it.
Alas An expression of grief, regret, pity or concern.
albeit Even if, although.
aleph The 1st letter of the Hebrew alphabet.
Alexander A common Hellenistic name.
Alexander the Great Alexander the III, 356-323 BC King of Macedon, founded Alexandria, defeated the Persians and Egypt.
Alexandria Capital of Egypt, 2nd largest city of the Roman empire.
Alexandrian From Alexandria, capital of Egypt, part of the Roman empire.
alienated Withdrawn.
aliens Foreigners.
alleging Proving.
allegory A deeper meaning underlies the literal meaning.
Alleluia Hallelujah, a song of praise to God.
Almighty All powerful.
alms Gifts to God, gifts to poor people.
almug A wood supplied by King Hiram for Solomon's buildings.
aloes Oils from sweet smelling sap of certain trees, used for perfume, medicine and to anoint for burial.
alpha The 1st letter of the Greek alphabet.
Alphaeus 1. Father of the apostle James. 2. Father of the apostle Matthew (Levi).
altar Place to worship or sacrifice.
altar of burnt offering The bronze altar used to burn offerings to God.
altar of incense The golden altar, used to burn incense.
Amalek Grandson of Esau, father of the Amalekites.
Amalekite Descendant of Esau's grandson Amalek.
Amasa Commander of David's army until murdered by Joab.
Amaziah 1. "Jehovah has strength", 9th King of Judah. 2. The priest at Bethel that confronted Amos.
ambassador Someone who represents someone else.
ambassage A group of people sent to negotiate for someone else.
amen So be it.
amend To change for the better.
amerce Fine, or punish.
amethyst A precious gemstone, a purple variety of transparent, crystalline quartz.
Aminadab Amminadab, son of Ram.
amiss Wrong.
Ammi "My people".
Amminadab Son of Ram.
Ammonites Descendants of Lot, generally regarded as relatives of the Israelites.
Amnon Firstborn son of David, killed by Absalom for raping his sister Tamar.
Amon "Builder", 15th king of Judah.
Amorites Descendant of Canaan.
Amos "One with a burden", a prophet of Israel, and a book that records his message of God's judgement on northern Israel.
Amram The husband of Jochebed, the father of Moses, Aaron and Miriam.
amulets Very small carvings of gods, sacred animals worn to protect and bring good fortune.
Anakims "Giants", defeated by Joshua and Caleb.
Anakite Descendant of Anak, large, mean, fighting people who lived in Canaan.
Ananias 1. A Christian that lost his life for lying. 2. A Christian that helped Paul at Damascus. 3. A Jewish high priest that tried Paul.
Anathema Maranatha "May our Lord swiftly execute his judgements."
Andrew "Manly", one of the 12 disciples of Christ, brother of Peter.
angel Messenger from God.
anguish Severe mental suffering.
anise A mediterranean plant whose seed was used for its aromatic flavor and oil.
Anna "Grace", a prophetess.
Annas "He gave graciously", the High Priest from AD 6 to AD 15.
annul To make null and void.
anoint Usually to put oil on something to dedicate it to a particular purpose.
anon Presently, soon, in a moment.
antiChrist The opponent of Christ, a false Christ.
Antioch 1. The 3rd largest city of the Roman empire, 15 miles inland from the NE corner of the Mediterranean Sea, where believers were first called Christians. 2. Antioch of Pisidia, a Roman colony 110 miles from Perga, NW of Iconium.
Antipatris A military post 30 miles from Jerusalem, between Judea and Samaria.
apocalypse A revelation, another name for the book of Revelation.
apocrypha A number of books included in Catholic version of Bible, but not in Protestant.
Apollos A christian worker from Alexandria in the early church, instructed by Aquila and Priscilla.
Apollyon "Destroyer", the satanic angel of the bottomless pit.
apostasy The public abandoning of your faith for another.
apostle The first to introduce Christianity to a pagan land, includes the 12 original disciples of Christ, Matthias that replaced Judas, Paul, Barnabas and James the brother of Christ.
apothecary A perfumer, one whose business was to compound ointments.
apparel Clothing.
appealed Made request.
appease Calm, or satisfy.
Appii forum A small town 43 miles from Rome.
apprehend Capture, arrest, to become aware of.
apt Able.
Aquila Coworker of Paul.
Aquilla "An eagle", worked with Paul, abolished from Rome.
Arabia The large peninsula between the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf, a nomadic people.
Arabians Arabs, inhabitants of Arabia.
Aram Ram, son of Hezron, grandson of Pharez, great grandson of Judah, great great grandson of Jacob. 2. Son of Shem, descendants were called Arameans. 3. Son of Hezron.
Aramaic The Jews starting speaking Aramaic when they were taken as slaves to Babylon.
Arameans A nomadic people, descendants of Shem on the west side of the Syrian desert.
Ararat Mountain in Armenia where Noah's boat came to rest.
arbiter arbitrator, one who settles disputes.
archangel An angel of the highest order.
Archelaus Son of Herod the Great by a Samaritan woman, ruled over parts of Israel violently.
Archippus Fellow soldier of Paul and Timothy.
Areopagite A member of the Areopagus.
Areopagus "The hill of Ares" the greek god of war, a small hill NW of Acropolis, also called Mars hill.
Aristarchus One of Paul's traveling companions who accompanied him from Jerusalem to Rome.
ark A boat or a wooden box (Noah's ark, Ark of the Covenant).
Ark of the covenant A chest which held the stone tablets of the 10 commandments, Aarons rod, and a jar of mannah.
Ark of the testimony A chest which held the stone tablets of the 10 commandments, Aarons rod, and a jar of mannah.
Armageddon The location of the final battle between the forces of good and evil.
Armenia The area south of the Black Sea, north of Assyria.
armour An outer covering for protection.
Arnon A rainy season river which runs into the east side of the Dead Sea opposite Engedi.
Arphaxad Son of Shem, grandson of Noah, lived 438 years.
array Position for battle.
arrayed Dressed in ceremonial garments.
arrogancy An exaggerated and boastful sense of one's own worth or importance.
art Are.
Artaxerxes One of two Persian kings, also called Xerxes and Ahasuerus.
Artemis Same as Diana, the greek goddess of the moon and of hunting, a temple at Ephesus.
artificer Skilled craftsman.
Asa "Physician", 3rd King of Judah.
Asahel Nephew warrier of David, killed by Abner, avenged by Joab.
Asaph Leading singer when the ark was brought to Jerusalem.
ascend Climb.
ascribe To assign to a cause or source.
Asenath Wife given to Joseph by Pharaoh, daughter of Potiphera the priest of On, mother of Manasseh and Ephraim.
Aser Asher.
Ashdod Modern day Esdud, 18 miles NE of Gaza known for its temple of Dagon.
Asher The 8th son of Jacob, 2nd son of Zilpah.
Asherah A false goddess of the Canaanites, possibly the wife of Baal.
Asherites Descendants of Asher, the 8th son of Jacob.
Ashkelon City on the Palesinian coast between Jaffa and Gaza, birthplace of Herod the Great.
Ashtaroth A city 20 miles east of the Sea of Galilee, the center of the worship of the fertility goddess Ashtaroth.
Ashtoreth A false goddess of the Canaanites.
Asia Minor The region North of the Mediterranean Sea including Bithynia, Galatia, Pontus, Cappadocia.
Askelon Ashkelon, city on the Palesinian coast between Jaffa and Gaza, birthplace of Herod the Great.
asleep Dead.
asp A small poisonous European snake.
ass Donkey.
assault Attack.
assay Attempt, try.
assented Gave acceptance to the truth of a doctrine.
Assos Modern Behram Koi, a seaport of Asia Minor directly N of the island of Lesbos.
asswage Decrease, subside.
Assyria An ancient kingdom in Northern Mesopotamia, principle cities were Ninevah, Assur, and Calah.
astray The wrong way, lost.
asunder Apart, or into two or more parts.
Athaliah "God is strong", daughter of Ahab and Jezebel, wife of Jehoram of Judah, made herself Queen.
atheism Belief that there is no God.
Athenian From Athens.
Athens Capital of Attica and chief seat of Grecian learning and civilization.
atone To make amends for.
atonement 1. The covering over of sin, the reconciliation between God and man, accomplished by Jesus Christ. 2. The Day of Atonement was proclaimed by the Jews as a day of humiliation for sins.
attain Arrive at, obtain.
Attalia A seaport harbor on the northern coast of the Mediterranean Sea.
augment Add to, or increase.
Augustus "Renowned", the first Roman emperor, 27B.C. to 14A.D.
aul Awl, tool for making holes, especially in leather.
austere Strict and stern.
avenge To inflict just punishment in return for something or in behalf of someone.
avenger The one who takes or executes vengeance.
avoid Stay away from.
avouch Promise, answer.
await Wait for, to look out for.
awe A strong feeling of wonder, respect or fear.
Azariah Uzziah, the 10th King of Judah, son of Jehoram.
Azotus The Philistine Ashdod, 18 miles northeast of Gaza.